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Advanced Pavement Marking®

Experienced pavement marking professionals servicing municipalities, racetracks, airports, parking lots, warehouses and more all across the USA and Canada since 2009.  Taking the time to ensure each and every project is done meeting professional standards, on time completion, within budget and  meeting our client’s satisfaction. Our business philosophy and practices puts us far ahead of the competition.

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and service in the line striping industry!

APM is a difference you can see with the quality and durability you can trust!  We prove the importance of being the best, not the biggest.

Our Service is for Your Safety


APM crews have various backgrounds in construction and engineering trades including in-depth training and real world experience specific to the line striping industry. Our range of project experience includes servicing: airports, roads, racetracks, military projects, Schools, parking lots, sports courts, warehouses, indoor marking services and more throughout the United States of America and Canada.

Taking time to listen to our clients’ needs, budget, project scope, deadline etc..  Our professional staff creates a comprehensive plan meeting your project goal.  Team members in-depth analysis and years of experience allows clientele the ability to select the best investment-approach for their project and budget.  APM strives to provide the highest standards on all of our projects no matter it’s size or price scale.

High Quality Materials

High Quality Materials:
No “low grade” or “off the shelf” materials that are readily available in chain stores for us.  Our products are either “pre-qualified” State DOT specific, FAA spec., or have other engineer grade certification.  Combine the best made products with skilled crews and commercial grade equipment  gives APM projects the professional quality and durability they deserve.

Background Checks

Fully insured meeting industry standards including workman’s compensation and umbrella policies . Our company is bondable and capable of obtaining increased coverage and surety protections for even the most demanding project requirements.  APM is covered and not your liability risk, Hiring uninsured contractor’s is not worth the gamble!

Background Checks

Background Checks:   From working in classified areas for the USAF to School zones, Advanced Pavement Marking® is staffed with professionals who have passed STRICT BACKGROUND CHECKS.  Clients have comfort and trust knowing each and every person at APM is a trustworthy individual maintaining a high level of standards allowing us to work in restrictive access and other highly sensitive areas.

Best Materials

Equipment: Investing heavily into keeping our teams cutting edge with the reliability and professional standards our projects depend deserve.  APM’s capabilities are not held back due to insufficient or low grade equipment.  From painting; roads, racetracks, airports or parking lots, we have machines that will do the job professionally.

Warranty: When a pavement marking job is done right it lasts!  Our business approach has a no compromise in quality.  Standing behind our work along with offering various ranges of warranty coverage’s APM is the difference you can see with the quality and dependability you can trust!

Our pavement marking work is seen and trusted by millions and counted on 24 hours a day in all weather extremes 365 days a year!

APM is a “boutique” full service business operating year round. From small sized parking lot striping to painting entire cities, counties, airports and racetracks internationally.  Our business is small enough to care about customer service and quality; yet large enough to professionally take on large scale projects without compromise.