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2016 Year in Review

Our 2016 Year in Review – Advanced Pavement Marking projects included: Race tracks, Cities, Counties, Roads, Warehouses, Factories, Parking Lots and more. The start of our 2016 kicked off installing safety markings for an automotive supply company. Advanced Pavement Marking crews worked during the common automotive plant shut down time frame our crews worked around […]

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Camaro SS

Garage Mahal Floor Painting Project

Looking for a custom garage floor?  We can make your Garage Mahal project into a functional work of art!  From design to installation we do it all!  Most people associate safety markings as only being used in factories or warehouses.  Safety markings can  also be used for aesthetics while also providing visual guides and safety aids […]

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New Jersey Motorsports Park

Advanced Pavement Marking® Paints New Jersey Motorsports Park!

Advanced Pavement Marking paints New Jersey Motorsports Park.  Race track marking crew installed FIM and FIA approved 09ns “circuit paint” on race track.  Our crew serviced starting grid, aprons, edge lines, pit lanes and boxes, custom track logo, finish line, service and entry roads.   New Jersey Motorsports Park is located in Millville, New Jersey.  This […]

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Road Atlanta Painting Project

Race Track Painting

Our race track painting services span the entire USA.  Installing traditional traffic paint to the specialized FIA – FIM “Circuit Paint” approved for racing.  Road Atlanta is one project our race track painting crew serviced for the upcoming MotoAmerica motorcycle race. Road Atlanta is located in Braselton, Georgia This track is a 2.54 mile road […]

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Shipping dock painting

Shipping-Loading Dock Markings

Shipping-loading dock markings specialists since 2009, Advanced Pavement Marking installs: safety, organization, visual guides along with OSHA requirements. Shipping lanes, loading dock markings are very important for active warehouses, factories, stores etc..  These markings aid with safety, shipping driver’s and pedestrian’s awareness, organization and OSHA compliance.  Advanced Pavement Marking services and installs all types of […]

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School after

School Crosswalk Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking installs and services all types of School crosswalk markings from 6″ Side bars to 12″ crosswalk blocks to SCHOOL zone stencil markings. We have the materials and equipment to service all your crosswalk markings and school zone marking needs including injecting retro-reflective media into paints for increased visibility. Advanced Pavement Marking services […]

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Sports court markings

Sports Court Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking will take your sports court markings into the professional league.  Sports court markings for schools, residential clients and more. Our crews take accurate measurements and ensure the markings are meeting regulation standards. Tennis courts, Basketball courts, Pickle Ball, Hockey and Inline markings, Hop scotch, Four square courts are among some of our […]

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Safety zone markings

Safety Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking services and installs all types of Safety Markings including: Fire lanes, Pedestrian zones, Evacuation markings, OSHA markings Safety markings assist with visual awareness, guides, safety, OSHA compliance .   Safety marking project by Advanced Pavement Marking Our crews will work with facility managers & safety directors to select the best product(s) and […]

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Factory Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking factory markings professionals since 2009.  Servicing all types of safety zones, shipping lanes, pedestrian zones, shipping/receiving zones, fire lanes, OSHA compliance markings and more.  Let our professional crews service or install durable factory markings that can be counted on around the clock. When it comes to active factory floors selecting the right marking […]

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