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Crosswalk line painting

Crosswalk Pavement Marking Services

Advanced Pavement Marking offers crosswalk pavement marking services for: Cities, Counties, Villages, Townships, Malls, Shopping Centers, Factories and more.  When it comes to crosswalk pavement marking services we are the professionals with the experience, equipment and materials you can trust. Each year our crews service hundreds and hundreds of miles of crosswalks in all widths […]

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Traffic marking crew

Pavement Striping Professionals

We are the pavement striping professionals servicing: airports, roads, race tracks, parking lots, warehouses and more since 2009.   Our clients include: cities, counties, schools, US military and all types of businesses.  Put our professional crews, equipment and materials to work in your pavement marking project.  We are the difference you can see with the […]

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Pavement markings Michigan

Michigan Pavement Marking Contractor

Advanced Pavement Marking is the Michigan Pavement Marking Contractor servicing: Airport Markings, Traffic Markings, Parking Lot Markings and more since 2009. As a Michigan pavement marking contractor we service all cities and counties in the state including Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  For two years in a row our traffic marking services has been contracted by City […]

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Parking services

Parking Lot Markings

Servicing parking lot markings all over Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and beyond since 2009 Contact Advanced Pavement Marking we are the experienced professionals 1-877-489-0530.  Our professional crews, equipment and materials make our projects look better and tend to last longer. Did you know we service a wide range of projects including Airports Roads Warehouses Factories Parking […]

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Pavement Marking Services

Line Striping Professionals

Advanced Pavement Marking is the line striping professionals servicing: Parking Lots, Roads, Airports, Race Tracks, Warehouses, Sports Courts and more since 2009.  We are fully insured, operating year round and at times servicing projects 24hrs. a day.  We know there are several contractors and companies who offer parking lot striping, line painting and pavement marking […]

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Ohio pavement Marking

Experienced Marking Professionals

Painting: race tracks, airports, roads, cities, counties, parking lots and more since 2009 we are the experienced marking professionals you can trust!  Advanced Pavement Marking has the professional experience, equipment and materials your project deserves. Our project experience overview Race track services: Our race track marking division specializes in servicing all types of race tracks. […]

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Fog lines

Road Painting Services

Center lines, edge lines, roundabouts, turn lanes and more our road painting services cities, counties, shopping centers, malls all across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Advanced Pavement Marking crews will install road markings meeting state DOT specific requirements. Road Painting Services include: Center lines Edge lines Turn Lanes Roundabouts Traffic dividers Skip lines New layout […]

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Parking lot services

Parking Lot Striper

We are the parking lot striper you can trust!  Advanced Pavement Marking proudly putting its work on the line for your safety since 2009. Are you seeking a professional/qualified parking lot striper?  Consider Advanced Pavement Marking; since 2009 we have been servicing: Cities, Counties, Airports, Race Tracks, Factories, Warehouses, Sports Courts, Parking Lots, Schools, Hospitals, […]

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Marking removal

Pavement Marking Removal

Pavement Marking Removal Services for roads, parking lots, factories, warehouses. Indoor/outdoor, asphalt, concrete we have the equipment to erase markings of all types. Cold Plastic Preformed Tape Thermoplastic Epoxy Water based Solvent Enamel Urethane And More Advanced Pavement Marking offers various types of pavement marking removal services Scarify Grinder Wire wheel Orbital grinding Shot blasting […]

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Warehouse painting

Warehouse Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking has the experience and capability to apply a wide variety of paints, epoxy, stains, urethane, enamel for warehouse markings. Active warehouses require various techniques in prepping the surface to ensure coatings will have maximum adhesion to withstand these harsh environments. From acid etching, shot blasting and scarifying our crews analyze your warehouses’ […]

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