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Petit Le Man

Striping services

Since 2009 we have proudly put our passion and pride on the line in all types of pavement marking projects ranging from airports, race tracks, roads, warehouses, factories, parking lots, sports courts and more.  Our projects have spread from Michigan to servicing the entire nation!  While we are not the largest striping company we are […]

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Professional Pavement Marking Machines

Ours crews have some of the best professional pavement marking machines in the industry.  From airless, conventional to plural component machines.  We have become well known in the industry for installing some of the finest quality work and longest lasting.  Clients along with industry competitors always comment how well our pavement markings look and how durable […]

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City Pavement Services

City Pavement Marking Services

Advanced Pavement Marking city pavement marking services includes painting: crosswalks, stop bars, rail road, turn lanes, roads, bike lanes and more.   Put our experienced crews, equipment and professional materials to work in your municipalities pavement marking program.  Each year Advanced Pavement Marking crews service 100’s and 100’s of miles of crosswalks and stop bars, […]

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Helicopter landing zone marking

Helicopter Landing Pad

Advanced Pavement Marking services all types of helicopter landing pad markings for: Hospitals, Airports, Private, Law Enforcement, Military, Coast Guard and more.   Our professional crews have the experience, equipment and materials required to install and service all types of helicopter landing pads. Advanced Pavement Marking has the experienced crews who know the required procedures […]

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Advanced Pavement Marking

Race Track Markings Contractor

Race track markings contractor Advanced Pavement Marking® services race tracks including: Auto, Motorcycle, Kart, Running, Bicycle tracks all over the USA.  From traditional traffic paint, thermoplastics to the specialized traction coatings approved by FIA -FIM.  Our professional crews have the experience, equipment and materials to make your race track standout and increase overall safety! Why […]

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Crosswalk line painting

Crosswalk Pavement Marking Services

Advanced Pavement Marking offers crosswalk pavement marking services for: Cities, Counties, Villages, Townships, Malls, Shopping Centers, Factories and more.  When it comes to crosswalk pavement marking services we are the professionals with the experience, equipment and materials you can trust. Each year our crews service hundreds and hundreds of miles of crosswalks in all widths […]

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Traffic marking crew

Pavement Striping Professionals

We are the pavement striping professionals servicing: airports, roads, race tracks, parking lots, warehouses and more since 2009.   Our clients include: cities, counties, schools, US military and all types of businesses.  Put our professional crews, equipment and materials to work in your pavement marking project.  We are the difference you can see with the […]

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Pavement markings Michigan

Michigan Pavement Marking Contractor

Advanced Pavement Marking is the Michigan Pavement Marking Contractor servicing: Airport Markings, Traffic Markings, Parking Lot Markings and more since 2009. As a Michigan pavement marking contractor we service all cities and counties in the state including Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  For two years in a row our traffic marking services has been contracted by City […]

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Parking services

Parking Lot Markings

Servicing parking lot markings all over Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and beyond since 2009 Contact Advanced Pavement Marking we are the experienced professionals 1-877-489-0530.  Our professional crews, equipment and materials make our projects look better and tend to last longer. Did you know we service a wide range of projects including Airports Roads Warehouses Factories Parking […]

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Pavement Marking Services

Line Striping Professionals

Advanced Pavement Marking is the line striping professionals servicing: Parking Lots, Roads, Airports, Race Tracks, Warehouses, Sports Courts and more since 2009.  We are fully insured, operating year round and at times servicing projects 24hrs. a day.  We know there are several contractors and companies who offer parking lot striping, line painting and pavement marking […]

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