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Ohio pavement Marking

Experienced Marking Professionals

Painting: race tracks, airports, roads, cities, counties, parking lots and more since 2009 we are the experienced marking professionals you can trust!  Advanced Pavement Marking has the professional experience, equipment and materials your project deserves. Our project experience overview Race track services: Our race track marking division specializes in servicing all types of race tracks. […]

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Fog lines

Road Painting Services

Center lines, edge lines, roundabouts, turn lanes and more our road painting services cities, counties, shopping centers, malls all across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Advanced Pavement Marking crews will install road markings meeting state DOT specific requirements. Road Painting Services include: Center lines Edge lines Turn Lanes Roundabouts Traffic dividers Skip lines New layout […]

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Parking lot services

Parking Lot Striper

We are the parking lot striper you can trust!  Advanced Pavement Marking proudly putting its work on the line for your safety since 2009. Are you seeking a professional/qualified parking lot striper?  Consider Advanced Pavement Marking; since 2009 we have been servicing: Cities, Counties, Airports, Race Tracks, Factories, Warehouses, Sports Courts, Parking Lots, Schools, Hospitals, […]

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Marking removal

Pavement Marking Removal

Pavement Marking Removal Services for roads, parking lots, factories, warehouses. Indoor/outdoor, asphalt, concrete we have the equipment to erase markings of all types. Cold Plastic Preformed Tape Thermoplastic Epoxy Water based Solvent Enamel Urethane And More Advanced Pavement Marking offers various types of pavement marking removal services Scarify Grinder Wire wheel Orbital grinding Shot blasting […]

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hand guns

Pavement Marking Applicator Guns

Professionally servicing and installing high quality, long lasting pavement marking, parking lot striping projects requires pavement marking applicator guns, paint, experienced applicator technicians and professional pavement marking equipment. This write up explains the various pavement marking applicator guns and which ones the crews of Advanced Pavement Marking use.   Since 2009 Advanced Pavement Marking has […]

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2016 Year in Review

Our 2016 Year in Review – Advanced Pavement Marking projects included: Race tracks, Cities, Counties, Roads, Warehouses, Factories, Parking Lots and more. The start of our 2016 kicked off installing safety markings for an automotive supply company. Advanced Pavement Marking crews worked during the common automotive plant shut down time frame our crews worked around […]

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Road Atlanta Painting Project

Race Track Painting

Our race track painting services span the entire USA.  Installing traditional traffic paint to the specialized FIA – FIM “Circuit Paint” approved for racing.  Road Atlanta is one project our race track painting crew serviced for the upcoming MotoAmerica motorcycle race. Road Atlanta is located in Braselton, Georgia This track is a 2.54 mile road […]

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Advanced Pavement Marking® Trademark

Advanced Pavement Marking®-Trademark

We are a USPTO Registered Trademark!  When a company claims or advertises to be Advanced Pavement Marking ask them to prove it! Look for the ® symbol.  Advertising or claiming to be Advanced Pavement Marking is a violation of Federal law.  Learn why we invested into identifying/standing out protecting our professional brand. Advanced Pavement Marking […]

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Pavement Marking Equipment

Professionally painting roads, race tracks, parking lots, airports and more since 2009. Our pavement marking equipment is built for professional results.  Advanced Pavement Marking® invests heavily into the best equipment and materials that have proven performance and track records for durability, performance and longevity. We do extensive research, field tests and manufacturer data comparisons extensively […]

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