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Ohio pavement Marking

Experienced Marking Professionals

Painting: race tracks, airports, roads, cities, counties, parking lots and more since 2009 we are the experienced marking professionals you can trust!  Advanced Pavement Marking has the professional experience, equipment and materials your project deserves. Our project experience overview Race track services: Our race track marking division specializes in servicing all types of race tracks. […]

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Runway painters

Airport Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking installs and services all types of airport markings meeting FAA standards and inspections.  Serving all of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana.  Our skilled crews are experienced with: Runway closure procedures, servicing Runway numbers, runway center lines, T’s, hangars, taxi lines, threshold markings , runway hold markings, runway edge lines, Helicopter pads, compass rose, safety zones, fuel […]

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