Compare our work and see a real difference. We are the trusted Line Striping Contractors servicing municipalities, race tracks, airports and more throughout the USA and Canada. Selecting a professional striping contractor should not be solely based on lowest price. We encourage potential clients to research and compare our work to the competition.

Taking real pride in all of our work reflects a difference you can see, while our high quality products provides the durability you can trust. Our crews strive to provide the highest level of standards in all of our projects no matter the size or price scale.

Our passionate craftsmanship has earned us a reputation as one of the finest in the striping industry.  Selecting line striping contractors should not be solely based on lowest price.  We may not always offer the “cheapest” price, but when you analyze our level of experience, quality and customer service we are a bargain that is tough to beat! Learn why municipalities, airports, racetracks, countless commuters and businesses of all sizes across the country select APM over other line striping contractors.

Do a “apples to apples” comparison, run a background checks, view past projects and take time to compare our work.

Did you know: other pavement marking and line striping contractors, sub-contract our services for consulting, project and equipment assistance in all corners of the country.

Professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy is a quick description of every APM team members.  All of our crews and staff have clean backgrounds and have in-depth experience in various construction fields.  Clients can trust their project is receiving the best level of attention and professionalism it deserves, thanks to our crew members.

Did you know: APM crews have passed strict Government background checks along with having ATL1 certification crucial for airfield clearance. Our team experience ranges from working on International construction projects, CAD, Heavy equipment operations, architectural and landscape design to horticulture management and more!

APM team members receive in-depth training in traffic control practices, DOT & MUTCD requirements.  Let our team take your pavement marking project to a new level.


Our products must perform, matching our level of quality and standards! There is plenty of coatings available and price scales that range from low to ultra premium.  It takes an experienced line marking professional to understand which products offer the best in performance and durability for specified application surface/environment.  Those choosing products solely based on either lowest or highest price, have higher product failure rates resulting in a disservice to their client.  APM has years of experience and works with a wide range of high quality paints, epoxies, stains, thermoplastics.  When we select a product for a project you can count on our choice being based on knowledge and experience.

APM main workhorse machines are conventional air atomized Kelly-Creswell produced equipment.  We also own and operate line marking machines from industry leading manufactures including Titan, MRL, Graco, BINKS and MB.  Our equipment is “COMMERCIAL GRADE” this ensures consistent and reliable markings.  From 1 foot too miles and miles of painted line our machines will meet industry standards, giving your project the professional look and durability you can count on!

Our equipment is designed to apply a wide range of coatings without compromising line quality or requiring material thinning.

We give you more of what you pay for!  Not all striping companies can apply coatings to proper millage thickness without compromising line quality or thinning paints.  This leads to rapid wear and premature failure. 

FACT is very few line striping contractors have paint thickness gauges and do not spend the extra time fine tuning or audit checking there work like we do.  APM crews are accustom to working on projects that require passing strict inspection standards for airports and roads.  We are the line striping contractors who maintain a high level of standards and quality control into every project.

Our passion and pride is on display and put to work around the clock in every project we service.  We give you a difference you can see with the quality and durability you can trust!