Frequently Asked Questions

We are the pavement marking contractors; cities, counties, airports, race tracks and businesses of all sizes and types trust and rely on since 2009.  Are you looking for a qualified pavement marker or asphalt service provider?  Before you base your decision on “who has the lowest price” or which contractor comes up first in a general internet search. Here is a series of questions we are often asked when clients begin the contractor screening process.



All striping companies are the same,…RIGHT?


Some companies only service parking lots, other’s primarily service streets, highways and airports.  Then there are those operating without proper business registration, insurance and performing substandard services.

When it comes to the term “striping company” there is a wide range of companies that fit the term.  But there is a wide separation of capabilities, experience, business operations & practices between striping companies.

It is important for those seeking line striping or pavement markings services, to properly screen their striping candidate’s.

roundabout paintingSchool zone pavement markingsRace track painter

We are the difference you can see and the quality and durability you can trust!  Our depth of experience and knowledge combined with our high level of standards, equipment and business practices sets us far ahead of the competition. We invest heavily into the best equipment available on the market along with custom fabricating specialty equipment in-house.  APM operates year round with projects spanning the entire USA and Canada.  APM is fully insured including: workman’s comp. umbrella’s, bonds and more, we have the proper levels of insurance coverage required for every project.  All of our crews and staff pass strict background checks allowing us access to work in schools, airports and even military projects.

Another company said they purchase the same paints as you, is this true?

While some pavement marking contractors and parking lot stripers may shop at the same traffic paint supplier it does not mean they are purchasing the same materials. Fact is the majority of paints and materials purchased by us are not “off the shelf” low performance items. Our paints and materials must match our level of standards. APM Paints and materials are either selected based on their performance or are project specific meeting FAA, DOT, engineering or pre-qualified product requirements.

We order large quantities of paints and materials. This bulk purchase power allows us to select the highest quality products at a volume discount and pass the savings to our customers. From thousands of gallons of traffic paint to hundreds of tons of retro-reflective media APM uses more materials in a single season than most striping companies will ever use in 2-5 years.

Advanced Pavement Marking traffic paint and safety devisesYES we use a lot of material!Advanced Pavement Marking paint totes

What sets “us” ahead of the competition?

Our high level of standards! APM crews are accustom to random quality control inspections either from FAA, Municipal and County DOT inspectors to Internal QCI checks. One look at our crews & equipment will show not only a high level of professionalism but also establish trust in our capabilities and experience. We do not take shortcuts on projects nor thin our paints. Projects of all sizes and price scales are serviced equally. Our crew members put passion and pride into everything they do and they proudly stand behind their work!

What is your service area?

APM covers all of the United States and Canada. Our staff and equipment is able to be rapidly dispatched anywhere in the US & Canada if needed.  Did you know we have projects in New Hampshire, New Jersey, Georgia, Wisconsin even Canada!.  When the “markings” matter, We are the pavement marking contractor cities, airports, racetracks, counties and more choose.

What type of equipment do you use?

As professional pavement marking contractors having the right equipment is crucial.  Our Equipment is selected based on its performance and reliability. A vast majority of our equipment is built specifically for Advanced Pavement Marking.

Airport markings, Parking lot striping and Road marking machines: Kelly-Creswell co.

We have established a dedicated relationship with Kelly-Creswell. We take pride in knowing the machines they produce for us are hand made in the USA. We have machines that have seen thousands of gallons of paint and have worked around the clock without a rest. Thanks to the Team at Kelly-Creswell for supplying us with real commercial work horses!

Industrial, Warehouse and Safety marking equipment: Binks, Titan, Graco,

When projects take us to Industrial, warehouse or safety markings, we utilize high pressure airless machines. These projects typically require specialized paints, epoxies and other coatings to be applied in “thin mil” applications. Our airless machines allow precise thin applications of material for a smooth, consistent finish.

Do you carry insurance?

YES, We maintain proper insurance and workman’s comp. coverage. APM can even meet the most demanding insurance policy coverage levels for roads, airports and other construction projects when required.  Professional pavement marking contractors do not cut corners or operate without the proper insurance policies and coverage’s.

All of our crews and staff have passed strict government background checks along with ATL1 certification, drug testing and clean driving records.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate year round staffed with professional crews. At times projects require us to run 24 hours in various shifts to meet deadlines, take advantage of low traffic volume or plant shut downs.

How large of a project can you service and how fast can you complete it?

We have worked on projects of all sizes, from just a few “no parking” stencils to servicing entire Cities and Counties filled with thousands of various markings, paving small residential driveways to installing new roads and shopping center lots. APM is the professional pavement marking contractors that is experienced and equipped to handle just about any sized project in a timely manner.

“How fast” this is a loaded question as there are many variables that can come into play; Weather, other trades and contractors involved on project, material sourcing, Inspection requirements etc.

By having us involved in your project we will do our best to meet any possible deadline or other criteria in a timely manner. Our staff and equipment not only makes quick work of projects but more importantly we DO THE JOB CORRECTLY without cutting corners or compromising quality!!!  When it comes to selecting pavement marking contractors, hire only the ones who have the professionalism and capabilities to service your project correctly.

Example: Our paint machines can paint 30+ mils. Thick of (ANY type of traffic paint) at 12-15 mph! Most parking lot striping companies cannot even come close to this due to their machines are not able to deliver this output at ANY SPEED let alone with latex or solvent based traffic paint!

We have seen companies claim to be “fast” and when a detailed inspection is performed it is found that paints are thinned, application rates are not applied correctly and there equipment fails to meet there stated production output. The result is poor workmanship, shortened service life and wasted money for the client.