2016 Year in Review

Our 2016 Year in Review – Advanced Pavement Marking projects included: Race tracks, Cities, Counties, Roads, Warehouses, Factories, Parking Lots and more.

The start of our 2016 kicked off installing safety markings for an automotive supply company.

Indoor safety markings (before)

Advanced Pavement Marking indoor markings
Project After

Advanced Pavement Marking crews worked during the common automotive plant shut down time frame our crews worked around the clock prepping floor (Shot Blasting) and then installing pre-prime coatings.  Once primers were dry, two layers of top coat was installed.  This project turned out beautiful and just as important DURABLE!  Our client is extremely happy and so are we.

Next up in 2016 was our visit to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend the National Pavement Expo.

2016 Pavement Marking expo
Visiting the Pavement Expo in Charlotte

This pavement industry related National Pavement Expo provides a great insight on trends, products along with providing in depth classroom learning on various asphalt, parking lot striping and sales – business lectures.  We took time to walk through and view the exhibits and even brushed up on classroom studies by attending 2 pavement marking related seminars.

Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine does a fine job each year at putting together the National Pavement Expo.

Its Race Track Marking season in the south!

Spring 2016 is here and the MotoAmerica racing series has started.  Advanced Pavement Marking race track crew heads to the famous Road Atlanta track in Braselton, GA

Road Atlanta race track Advanced Pavement Marking race track crew

Advanced Pavement Marking workMotoAmerica racer

Crew installed the 09NS “Circuit Paint” to Road Atlanta’s enter – exit curb aprons, Turn edge lines, Starting grids and Start – Finish line.  This work was done just before the MotoAmerica race arrives for there big event.  What a fantastic experience!

Once we completed Road Atlanta we quickly make our way up to New jersey!

Advanced Pavement Marking in New JerseyBefore race track painting

Working just ahead of the MotoAmerica racing series our next location was in Milleville, New Jersey home of New Jersey Motorsports Park.  Our crew painted entire track: enter-exit curb aprons, edge lines, starting grids, pit lanes, island dividers, custom logo, road entries etc.  All markings were 09NS “Circuit Paint”.

Race track painting by Advanced Pavement MarkingNew Jersey Motorsports logo by Advanced Pavement Marking

Another AWESOME experience and yet another state added to our service area!

Soon after leaving New Jersey back home in Michigan our traffic marking crews were prepping equipment for the start of the road marking, traffic marking and crosswalk marking season.  The race track crews merged with the traffic marking division and began to paint roads.

275 gal. traffic paint totesAdvanced pavement Marking striping machines

Our traffic paint and retro-reflective bead orders arrive, equipment is serviced it’s time to hit the roads in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana.

Center lines by Advanced Pavement MarkingRail Road markings by Advanced Pavement Marking

Our crews service and install 1000’s and 1000’s of traffic markings every year, 2016 ends up being one of our biggest years in municipality work/production.  Advanced Pavement Marking secures multi year contracts with several cities and counties.  We also continue a strong relationship with another pavement marking firm that not only expands our service range but also our abilities (Long Line services).

Crosswalks by Advanced Pavement MarkingAdvanced Pavement Marking traffic marking truck

As spring passes we enter our around the clock pavement marking season!  Yes we have day shift crews and night shift crews.  Working 8-12Hr shifts all across the Great Lakes!

Visiting Pictured Rocks City of Marquette crosswalk and stop bar painting by our crews

For the second year in a row we are also working in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan servicing the City of Marquette’s crosswalks and stop bars.  Working as a sub-contractor for our friends at PK Contracting .  We installed over 65,000 lin. Ft. of 24″ crosswalk and stop bar markings!

Summer is here and we are still working around the clock!  Cities, Counties and other municipalities are being serviced by our fantastic crews.

Roundabout markings by Advanced Pavement MarkingCity traffic markings by Advanced Pavement Marking

Our crews are split into specialized groups: Traffic Marking Division, Mid-Line (crosswalk, stop bars) Division.  To keep all trucks and equipment moving our projects forward faster.  We can rapidly service even the largest of city-county projects by having specialized crews.  Operating on split shifts allows use to effectively work in even the most congested traffic locations.

Bike lane - crosswalk markings by Advanced Pavement MarkingCity turn lame markings by Advanced Pavement MarkingStop bar painting by Advanced Pavement Marking

As our traffic marking season continues on we have some other projects roll in

Sports court (before)Sports court painting by Advanced Pavement Marking

Basketball court by Advanced Pavement MarkingPlaying basketball

We have sports courts, warehouses, safety, parking lots and other specialty marking projects that we somehow find time to service.  Crews are doing a fantastic job at keeping projects on track and serviced properly.

Fall arrives and we move into more states!

Velodrome projectVisiting our next project in Wisconsin

Advanced Pavement Marking is contracted by City of Kenosha Wisconsin and Kenosha Velodrome Association for painting there newly repaired track (2017).  Our crew will paint all track markings as spec’d per the Velodrome regulations.

Advanced Pavement Marking visiting New Hampshire race track project

HELLO New Hampshire!  our race track marking services moves into Tamsworth, New Hampshire at Club Motorsports.  This is America’s newest race track and just might become one of the countries best!  Advanced Pavement Marking crews will layout and install all of the race track markings and surrounding pavement markings.  We spend time touring the track in preparation for our 2017 project.

WOW what a year 2016 was!  THANK YOU to all of our hard working crews and our clients who helped make 2016 such a great season!  What is in store for 2017?  Race tracks LOTS of race tracks, we will have a dedicated marking division traveling all over the United States servicing various tracks.  Our traffic marking, road marking crews will again be booked and working all over also.  Our parking lot division stretches into more states and has been contracted by other striping companies to assist in large scale shopping centers – mall projects.  Keep up-to-date on all of our exciting projects and see some of the great sights by following our Facebook page and visiting our projects page.

WE HOPE YOUR 2016 WAS A SUCCESS AND WISH YOU A GREAT NEW YEAR!  2017 has a lot in-store for us.  “Proudly putting our work on the line for your safety, since 2009”

2017 Camaro 2ss Advanced Pavement Marking race track car

Something new for 2017 🙂