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Advanced Pavement Marking is going to New Hampshire!

Advanced Pavement Marking works in New Hampshire painting America’s newest race track, Crews will install new race track markings to Club Motorsports track in 2017.

Club Motorsports is America’s newest race track and may quite possibly become one of the best in the country! Advanced Pavement Marking is proud to be the pavement marking contractor selected to layout and install ALL markings for this new race track. We will be installing the FIM – FIA approved 09NSF Circuit paint for all race track markings, spring 2017.

Club Motorsports Track

Watch the 2016 Lamborghini Huracán LP 580 being tested at the club Motorsports track by MOTOR TREND Senior Features Editor Jason Cammisa: Ignition Ep. 166 .  Advanced Pavement Marking working in New Hampshire painting America’s newest race track is a great honor for us and we look forward to our 2017 race track markings project.

Club Motorsports course is 2.5 miles in length, 250 feet of elevation changes, 15 turns on a 40 foot wide track.

Advanced Pavement Marking crews will layout all race track markings including:

  • Edge lines
  • Run offs
  • Enter/Exit curb aprons
  • Pit lanes
  • Start/finish
  • Grid boxes
  • Barrier walls
  • Pit boxes
  • Entry/safety roads
  • Island dividers

Club Motorsports race track markings layout map

In spring/summer 2017 Advanced Pavement Marking crew will be working in Tamsworth, New Hampshire laying out and installing all Club Motorsports race track markings.  We will use lasers, string lines, cable, rope guides etc. in order to pre-mark areas to be painted.  Our race track marking crew will prime coat all course markings and safety barriers and follow up with finish “top coats” of the specialized FIA-FIM approved “Circuit Paint”.

Primer painting this newly finished track is key in assisting with not only durable markings but also the important guide lines for service areas.  Track primer will  be one of our extremely durable DOT “pre-qualified” paints with (high build) characteristics.

Our top coats will be Circuit Paint in various colors (Green, White, Red, Yellow, Blue etc.)   This paint will be another key feature to track safety and overall aesthetics.

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