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Crosswalk Pavement Marking Services

Advanced Pavement Marking offers crosswalk pavement marking services for: Cities, Counties, Villages, Townships, Malls, Shopping Centers, Factories and more.  When it comes to crosswalk pavement marking services we are the professionals with the experience, equipment and materials you can trust. Each year our crews service hundreds and hundreds of miles of crosswalks in all widths and layout styles.

Crosswalk painting by Advanced Pavement Marking

Traditional crosswalk services:  2″, 4″, 6″, 12″

Crosshatch Crosswalk by Advanced Pavement Marking

Crosshatch crosswalk services







Crosswalk by Advanced Pavement MarkingCrosswalk pads by Advanced Pavement MarkingAdvanced Pavement Marking crosswalk Advanced Pavement Marking crews are experienced with servicing and installing all types of crosswalks for the smallest village and township to the largest of cities and counties.  Our crews have traffic control experience and training along with the necessary traffic calming and crucial awareness devises.

Advanced Pavement Marking offers crosswalk pavement marking services for all styles of crosswalks including:

Advanced Pavement Marking crosswalk

Traditional parallel bar crosswalk. Traditional style crosswalk bar line widths range from 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ wide. Our specialized equipment can paint any size line width up to 48″ in a single pass! We also pressure inject retro-reflective media increasing low-light, night time marking visibility

Advanced Pavement Marking crosswalk

Crosshatch crosswalk. This style of crosswalk is done in a wide range of line widths from 4″, 6″, 8″,10″,12″, 18″. Crosshatch markings are typically found in high traffic zones, where increased pedestrian awareness and visibility are a must. Our specialized crosswalk machines single pass paint lines widths from 4″ up to 48″ and simultaneously pressure inject retro-reflective media.

Crosswalk Pads by Advanced Pavement Marking

Crosswalk pads, also known as Continental pattern. Advanced Pavement Marking crews install various crosswalk pads from 8″, 10″, 12″, 24″, 36″ and even 48″ widths. Our specialized machines single pass paint all line widths up to 48″ widths. Our machines are also capable of pressure injecting retro-reflective media edge to edge from start to finish WITH NO DEAD ZONES. We do not use poor coverage gravity feed systems or hand toss reflective media. This style is known as a floating pad pattern. Typically this is used in high traffic zones and spaced to reduce limited tire/pavement marking contact. This increases service life of pavement markings

Crosswalk pads by Advanced Pavement Marking

Continental pattern with “ribbon”. This style of crosswalk keeps all end lines even and straight. Ribbon (parallel line ends) vary from 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and beyond. Inner crosswalk pads can be a wide range of widths.

Crosswalk by Advanced Pavement Marking

Advanced Pavement Marking services Close to 1000 miles of crosswalks and bike paths every year!

What does our competitors crosswalks look like?

Parking lot striper crosswalk FAILFAIL! This parking lot jockey is only concerned about money, not peoples safety or professionalism Pavement marking contractor FAIL!!! This company painted in the rain!!Our closest competitor is well known for sub-standard work. Fact is they are losing more projects year after year to our professional crews than they can gain.This parking lot striper tired to service an entire townships bike path,to bad they could not properly re stripe! Our crews were hired to fix all of the issuesAerosol spray cans ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL! Fail, this pavement marking company installs sub-standard work. All markings are installed to thin and last only weeks, not month's or years like our work Cities, Counties, Townships, Villages and more trust and rely on Advanced Pavement Marking for there crosswalk pavement marking services because, our projects look better and tend to last longer!

Proudly putting our work on the line for your safety since 2009, Advanced Pavement Marking is the crosswalk professionals you can count on!

More of our project pictures: Crosswalk Pavement Marking Services by Advanced Pavement MarkingAdvanced Pavement Marking Crosswalk Pavement Marking Services We service and install 100'sand 100's of miles of crosswalks every year! School crossings and more we service and install them all!Advanced Pavement Marking crosswalks look better and tend to last longer than our competition! Cities, Counties, Villages, Townships and more we service them all!











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