Line Striping Professionals

Advanced Pavement Marking is the line striping professionals servicing: Parking Lots, Roads, Airports, Race Tracks, Warehouses, Sports Courts and more since 2009.  We are fully insured, operating year round and at times servicing projects 24hrs. a day.  We know there are several contractors and companies who offer parking lot striping, line painting and pavement marking services, but few can match Advanced Pavement Marking.  Put “us” to the test and compare the competition to what we have to offer.

Our crews and experience

Advanced Pavement Marking
Advanced Pavement Marking (L) Jeff, (R) Don

In 2008 Advanced Pavement Marking was created by Don Sokolow and Jeff Swendrowski.  Both Jeff and Don have extensive backgrounds in construction, engineering, architecture and design.  Don and Jeff also have working experience on projects that span the globe!  Including: India, United Kingdom, Caribbean and beyond.  Our past experiences combine with our passion for perfection and success.  This helped in making Advanced Pavement Marking into more than just a typical line striping company.  Our past trade experiences places a level on attention to detail into our pavement marking projects that few companies can match.  Now that you know some of the core foundation of Advanced Pavement Marking there is plenty more people who make our company and projects great!

Line striping by Advanced Pavement MarkingLine striperTraffic marking crew    Line striping a parking lot

Airport markings

Road marking crew

Parking lot painting crew memberHelicopter marking

Our employees all bring unique talents and backgrounds that is vital in our success.  All of our crews MUST pass strict background checks.  Each of our employees have extensive training in the particular field/division they are working in: Parking Lot Division, Race Track Division, Airport Division, Indoor Division, Traffic Marking Division.  Advanced Pavement Marking has a wide range of projects and experience from all price scales; from $400.00 to over a million we have done them all.   Learn more about our history: HERE

Our equipment 

Whether its line striping, pavement marking, parking lot painting or servicing race tracks and airports it takes professional experience, machines and materials to do the job right!  You know a little bit about our crews but how much do you know about our materials and equipment?  Advanced Pavement Marking heavily invests into “PROVEN” equipment and materials.  We avoid fad’s or machines/materials that are low grade, off the shelf or DIY grade.  A parking lot striper might pick a striping machine that they can afford from the same walk in store they purchase their paints from.  This is fine for those contractors who service small scale projects.  Advanced Pavement Marking equipment is either specialty built to our specifications or custom made in-house!  Our projects consist of pavement marking large cities and counties, parking lot striping big and small, airport marking, sports courts and more.  Learn more about our equipment: HERE

Pavement marking machineAdvanced Pavement Marking







Road striperLine striper

Road marking truckStriping machines

Pavement markings machineLine striping guns

These machines are a small peak into the Advanced Pavement Marking fleet.  Other Advanced Pavement Marking machines include stencil trucks, long line rigs, thermoplastic units, preformed traffic marking units, ride on shot blasters,  and more!

Our Materials

Pavement marking materialTraffic paintTraffic paint totes

Advanced Pavement Marking projects look better and typically lasts longer!  Did you know our materials are NOT “off the shelf” items?!  Fact is our pavement marking materials are specialty items known as “pre-qualified” or APPROVED materials that is only available by special order from certified manufacturers.  Ennis-Flint, Sherwin Williams, 3M, Swarco, Drew Paints, Potters Industry are a few companies who supply our pavement marking materials.

Advanced Pavement Marking
We are the pavement marking professionals you can count on and trust!