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Take a peek into one of our parking lot markings project.

Fire trucks Parking lot striping prep

This Advanced Pavement Marking parking lot markings project was for a municipality fire/rescue station.  There parking lot and fire engine bays were in need of having new parking lot lines, ADA zones and truck parking guide lines installed.

Parking lot markings before Before Parking lot painting

Our parking lot markings crew started this project first by cleaning areas to be serviced.  Using blowers and brooms crews clean and prep service area, to ensure materials have a clean surface to bond to.  once areas are clean crews “square” lot and parking stalls.  This makes all lines straight, even and professional.  Our crew also marks out ADA zones and parking areas taking into account the correct number of accessible parking requirements.

After Parking lot markings installation Parking lot striping

Advanced Pavement Marking crew installed the specialized traffic paint known as “high build” material on all this projects parking lot markings.  This unique paint is a very durable long lasting material, very similar to thermoplastic.  Crews also injected retro-reflective media into paints giving markings a “glowing” reflective look in low light – night time conditions.  This greatly increases safety and helps guide fire trucks into station when it is dark.  Advanced Pavement Marking uses the same equipment and materials for our parking lot markings projects as we do for our airports and road marking projects.  This ensures our projects receives the “best of the best” in materials and professional installation, few companies can match!  When we say our projects look better and tend to last longer we mean it!

Parking lot painting Clean stall lines

ADA markings Advanced Pavement Marking

Since 2009 Advanced Pavement Marking has been the preferred marking contractor: cities, counties, airports, schools, race tracks and businesses of all types trust for there projects. Compare “us” to the competition and learn why we are more than just color, curb appeal and stripes!