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Parking Lot Striper

We are the parking lot striper you can trust!  Advanced Pavement Marking proudly putting its work on the line for your safety since 2009.

Are you seeking a professional/qualified parking lot striper?  Consider Advanced Pavement Marking; since 2009 we have been servicing: Cities, Counties, Airports, Race Tracks, Factories, Warehouses, Sports Courts, Parking Lots, Schools, Hospitals, US Military projects all over Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and beyond.  Projects large or small we service them all.

Parking lot painting project before

Parking lot before

Parking lot striper services by Advanced Pavement Marking

Parking lot after Advanced Pavement Marking

Parking lot painting before

Parking lot before

Parking lot painting services

Parking lot after Advanced Pavement Marking

Advanced Pavement Marking services projects big or small.  Our experienced crews are the professional parking lot striper your project deserves.  We do not cut corners, thin paints or do sub-standard work.  Fully insured including work comp. coverage, using only “pre-qualified”, FAA, DOT or engineer spec. materials. Our projects not only look better but they tend to last longer!  There is no short cut in doing the job right!

The other parking lot striper,  our “competition” and their work

Bad parking lot stripingInexperienced parking lot striper

There are parking lot striping companies who are only focused on making quick money.  Leaving the parking lot owner with substandard work and having to pay more money, wasted time and headaches fixing their issues.

Parking lot painting poorly donePavement marking done wrong

Very bad parking lot striper

They “boast” about servicing chain stores, this is what there work looks like.

Crooked parking lot painting

This company services several grocery stores, the work they leave behind is a great marketing tool…..For us. From crooked lines, skipped work to paint spills they are the cheapest for a reason.


When a parking lot striper makes a statement of servicing chain stores, shopping centers, grocery stores etc. this is very helpful in being able to locate and view this contractors work.  Do not be surprised when the pavement markings look terrible, crooked, non-professional.  For some striping companies taking on a large scale project becomes a nightmare (tight deadlines, more material and labor costs than estimated).  Some contractors are so overwhelmed they cut as many corners as possible, thinning paints, applying paint below minimum thickness, using cheap materials, applying paint above output speeds, skipping crucial steps in layout/installation, poor stencil quality etc.

Line striping gone wrongBad crosswalk paintingPoor traffic marking

When seeking a professional pavement making, parking lot striping, parking lot painting company, we recommend doing an in-depth background and project check on business, business owner, employees and real project references.  Do not just hire the “cheapest” contractor or the one who has the best sales pitch, until a real analysis on the company is performed.  Once the parking lot/pavement markings are installed it is very expensive to fix-remove-re-install if the work is sub-standard!

Line striper work is terribleParking lot painting gone wrongRoad markings painted wrongBad curb painting

Entering the parking lot striping trade can be very cheap for some and requires no immediate background check, schooling, training, degree or even government inspection.

Equipment can be: cheap brushes, aerosol can’s, rollers to:  mid priced parking lot striping machines bought from a local house paint store.  Then there is very high priced professional machines built specifically for companies who service municipalities, airports and other projects that must meet inspection standards.

Unfortunately there is people entering in the parking lot marking trade for all the wrong reasons (quick money, no accountability).   Due to no real background checks or government mandated requirements people including sex offenders,  felons, illegal aliens are able to sell themselves as a “Professional Striper”.

ADA markings installed wrong  Handicap painting done wrong

Is this “professional”?  Would you pay for this work?  Would you have hired this parking lot painter knowing they install this type of work?

So how does one find or select a professional pavement marking company for there parking lot striping project?  Phone book, internet search, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, Referrals, City hall, Sign stuck in a yard?

Actually all of the above is a start in locating companies to begin the screening process.

We recommend once companies are found:

  1. Put the owners to the test!  Do a general search with owners name into a state’s sex offender registry search, Ask for business insurance policy, Ask for past project references and addresses.
  2. View past projects and speak with references
  4. Do a real comparison between selected contractors

Why select Advanced Pavement Marking?

  • Professional
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Experience
  • Insured

These are a few reasons Advanced Pavement Marking is the preferred contractor selected by; cities, counties, airports, schools, race tracks, factories, warehouses, shopping centers and more throughout the county! All of our staff including owner has passed strict background checks including ones required for working on classified Government projects and Schools.  Our project experience and quality has no equal.  Our reference/client/project list has (real people) & (real projects)!  Our insurance coverage includes workmans comp. and umbrella protections.  Our machines and materials are the ‘best of the best!”

When the markings “matter” Advanced Pavement Marking is the company your project deserves!

Advanced Pavement Marking ADA painting  Line striping by Advanced Pavement Marking

Proudly putting our work on the line for your safety since 2009

ADA parking lot painting by Advanced Pavement Marking  Striping by Advanced Pavement Marking

Our projects are installed with the highest in standards and materials.  We do not use low grade, DIY or off the shelf materials.  Fact is our materials are either “pre-qualified” DOT specific, FAA or other engineering approved materials.  We purchase in high volume allowing us to have the best in materials and passing the “bulk” purchase savings onto our clients.

Advanced Pavement Marking line striper  Stripes by Advanced Pavement Marking

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Advanced Pavement Marking painting

We are the professionals you can trust!










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