Professional Pavement Marking Machines

Ours crews have some of the best professional pavement marking machines in the industry.  From airless, conventional to plural component machines.  We have become well known in the industry for installing some of the finest quality work and longest lasting.  Clients along with industry competitors always comment how well our pavement markings look and how durable those markings are even after 1, 2 even 3 years plus of use.  In response to our clients and competitors questions here is a peek into the Advanced Pavement Marking® difference.

When it comes to professional grade results there are several factors that must all perform flawlessly together.  From trained crews, professional pavement marking machines to high grade materials there are many different items it takes to standout in the industry.

How to achieve professional pavement marking results

#1 Crew/team members:

Anyone can grab a paint brush, roller or even a striping machine and paint some lines.  It takes someone special to make those lines standout be straight, have smooth radius’s, edges and proper paint thickness etc.  APM crews are some of the finest in the pavement marking industry!  Our team members all have passed strict background checks, clean driving records.  Each of our crew members have their own unique talents and qualifications that is an absolute asset to our business success.  Our talented team members are craftsmen and craftswomen who puts their passions and pride in every pavement marking project.  APM crews have knowledge and experience in MUTCD, DOT, FAA, blueprint reading along with traffic control, safety and even traffic flow/design principals.  When it comes to painting our crews have what it takes to ensure our work stands out!  Personality & pride is put into each and every marking and line.

Best parking lot striping contractor
We are the best striping contractor!

Race track painter

Railroad symbols
Our crews servicing county railroad markings.
Helicopter landing zone marking
APM airport marking crew

Traffic painting crewSchool zone paintingTraffic marking crewMichigan Pavement Markingsparking lot contractor                                                                            Now you know a little more about our crews

#2 Professional Pavement Marking Machines

Graco, Titan, MB, MRL, JCL, Kelly-Creswell etc. there are so many choices in selecting professional pavement marking machines.  When it comes to our selection of which machine to purchase we avoid “fad’s” and even machines that market or state  “newest technology” “Latest- greatest”, “Improved” or “Best lines in the industry” etc.  In the end we prefer machines that are built to last and can be counted on every single day / project.  Then it comes down to Airless or conventional?  We have both…But here is our take and experience for those who are ever so interested in the Advanced Pavement Marking® difference.

Airless:  This is our #2 choice for a professional pavement marking machine…. Sure an airless can spray a nice clean line, but the amount of work our crews service and install is beyond parking lot striping.  We paint 1000’s of miles of lines every single year.  Our crews have log books for every single piece of equipment that is being used, this helps us determine which machines make money and which ones cost us money.  At the end of the day an airless unit never has positive results.   “Sorry” to disappoint the fans of airless striping machines, but the fact is our record/log books do not lie.  Most striping companies do not use there machines at the level our crews do, parking lot stripers might use 1000 gallons of paint in a season, our crews are pumping that in a matter of weeks.  This is where productivity requires reliable equipment, not machines with fast marketing tag lines that cannot perform to our standards.  “Yes” we do use airless machines from both Graco and Titan.

Graco Titan striping machines

Conventional marking machines: This is our #1 professional pavement marking machines of choice.  What can we say other than our log books record every hour, gallon and “down-time”.  Conventional machines produce more production and far less wasted down-time than airless units.  Conventional machines do require skilled operator’s to make the necessary adjustments in pressures (tank, air nozzle’s).  Conventional pavement marking machines offer larger paint output tips (almost zero clogs, or stray paint streams), the ability to paint non stop without rest or having pump stroke patterns.

Paint tips  Airless tip (Left) Conventional tip (Right)  So which one has issues with clogs and miss-spray’s?  Answer: is the airless unit (left), airless tips are very small due to the need for pump to create high pressure to make fan pattern. Which one can spray both straight paint and abrasive/compound mixtures? Answer: Conventional machines are well known for there ability to spray some of the thickest of paints and specialty mixtures.  Conventional machines can paint just as clean of a line as an airless, with far less down time and tip clogs.

Professional pavement marking equipmentProfessional pavement marking machines

Pavement markings machineLine striperProfessional pavement marking machines

Now you have learned a little about our great crews and equipment the next item is materials.

From Swarco, Ennis-Flint, 3M, Sherwin Williams, Drew Paints, Potters Industries etc..  We do not use the general low grade off the shelf products other companies and do-it-yourselfer’s buy.  Fact is our materials are special order products required for airports, race tracks, roads etc.  We even put our premium materials to work in our parking lot striping projects.

Traffic paintTraffic paintTraffic paint totes

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