Race track markings contractor Advanced Pavement Marking® services race tracks including: Auto, Motorcycle, Kart, Running, Bicycle tracks all over the USA.  From traditional traffic paint, thermoplastics to the specialized traction coatings approved by FIA -FIM.  Our professional crews have the experience, equipment and materials to make your race track standout and increase overall safety!

Motorcycle racer on our track markingsRace track by Advanced Pavement Marking

Why use Advanced Pavement Marking race track marking services?

Track Branding: Give your race track it’s own identity and increased sponsorship exposure by utilizing empty track space, run off zones, barrier walls etc.  Let the professional paint crews at Advanced Pavement Marking install custom logo’s, graphics, designs in these areas, increasing not only your race tracks aesthetics but also potential sponsorship/marketing revenue.

Race Track Branding
Custom race track logo for New Jersey Motorsports Park. This logo measures 44′ wide by 11.5′ in length. Logo was designed and created in-house.


Advanced Pavement Marking race track markings crew working in New jerseyAdvanced Pavement Marking race track marking crew member working at Road Atlanta

Increase your race tracks safety features by having Advanced Pavement Marking install “09NS” to all your tracks painted areas.  FIA and FIM racing bodies both approve and recommend tracks implement the high (friction-traction) paint known as “Circuit Paint” (09NS).  It is a well know fact that traditional race track paint is extremely slippery and becomes especially hazardous in wet weather.  Circuit Paint is far different than traditional coatings and traffic paint.  09NS “Circuit Paint” has the durability/wear characteristics of traffic marking (highway paint) but has the much needed traction/non-slip feature race tracks need.  Circuit Paint has a unique traction material additive pre-mixed into paint, due to this heavy, abrasive, aggregate additive applying 09NS requires specialized equipment for proper installation.

Traction paint (Before) mixing Traction paint (after) mixing Traction paint (dry) NOTICE the abrasive-sandy-bumpy texture.

Properly applying circuit paint requires specialized “conventional” (compressed air) machines.  Airless pavement marking equipment cannot be used due to the abrasive-aggregate additive, this will quickly destroy a airless machine.   Advanced Pavement Marking has the specialized machines, trained and experienced crews that can rapidly install circuit paint to your race track.

Race track markings before Advanced Pavement MarkingRace track markings contractor Advanced Pavement Marking® aprons at New Jersey Motorsports ParkAdvanced Pavement Marking crews working at the race trackMotoAmerica racer riding on our painted race track apron Porsche racing team testing at Road Atlanta

Why use Advanced Pavement Marking as your race track markings contractor?  Experience: Since 2009 Advanced Pavement Marking and it’s crews have worked on a wide variety of pavement marking projects including:

  • Airports
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Sports Courts
  • Warehouses
  • Parking Lots
  • Race Tracks
  • And More

Our project service area covers the entire United States.

Advanced Pavement Marking working at Road Atlanta race track Advanced Pavement Marking working at New Jersey Motorsports Park race track


Advanced Pavement Marking truck guns Advanced Pavement Marking hand guns Advanced Pavement Marking uses specialized pavement marking equipment.  Our paint guns are the same heavy production units used for painting: roads, airports and other specialty traffic markings.  These paint guns are far different than a traditional parking lot “striping” machine or airless units. Airless paint gun  Airless paint tip (left) Conventional tip (right) Compare the airless gun/tip to the heavy output conventional guns-tips.  Our race track markings contractor machines and guns deliver more uniform material, with edge to edge coverage.

Advanced Pavement Marking race track servicesRace track painting by Advanced Pavement Marking Advanced Pavement Marking race track painting servicesAdvanced Pavement Marking race track marking contractors


Learn more about all of our specialized services by visiting our website: www.advancedpavementmarking.com

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