Racetrack Painting Services

You have your race-line picked but your tires don’t stick or grip on the slippery painted lines and curbs.
You are left with a tough “split second” decision that has to be made on your course of action/direction: 1- Keep your current line and risk the spin out & slip hazards (dangers that are amplified in wet weather)
2- Scrub speed, risk position loss to run a more cautions line with grip.
Both situations are unfortunately what; auto, motorcycle, kart and velo racers are faced with, when the course they are racing on services the track markings with traffic paint, house paint or even epoxy coatings. These paints are well known slip and skid hazards!
In damp and wet weather the painted curbs, edge lines etc. become even more dangerous!
Does your racetrack markings have GRIP or SLIP? Our racetrack painting services provides another layer of safety & grip!
Advanced Pavement Marking is the solution to this serious problem racers and track owners face. Our race course painting services
offers a wide range of traction & non skid coating options that can be formulated specifically for a tracks needs and budget.

Racetrack Painting Services
Our racetrack painting services offers a wide range of coating options along with infinite color options. Our projects not only look better but they typically last longer! We give the best racetrack markings possible!

Why have spin and slip when Advanced Pavement Marking offers safety, traction and grip!

Let us put more than color and curb appeal onto your racecourse! Racers tell the track you want the best and safest markings possible, tell them they need Advanced Pavement Marking race track painting services!
“Proudly putting our work on the line for your safety, since 2009”

Our racetrack service clients include: Michelin Raceway, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Pittsburgh International Raceway, Club Motorsports, Canadian Tire Raceway to name a few

Servicing all of the USA & Canada