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Race Track Painting

Our race track painting services span the entire USA.  Installing traditional traffic paint to the specialized FIA – FIM “Circuit Paint” approved for racing.  Road Atlanta is one project our race track painting crew serviced for the upcoming MotoAmerica motorcycle race.

Welcome sign at Road Atlanta

Road Atlanta is located in Braselton, Georgia

This track is a 2.54 mile road course with several elevation changes. Road Atlanta is rich in racing history and hosting several top level racing events including the well known Petit Le Mans race.  Road Atlanta is also the host track for MotoAmerica‘s racing series.  This motorcycle racing event is one of the reason’s Advanced Pavement Marking race track marking division was contracted by Road Atlanta.  The MotoAmerica racing organization is promoting increased track safety for it’s racing participants and adopting FIA and FIM rules.  One of the implemented rules/safety features includes the pavement marking paint used on race tracks.  Traditional traffic paint and parking lot striping paint is well know for it’s slip hazards.  Standard traffic paint fills natural surface voids, gaps and hardens to a smooth finish.  This becomes very slippery in wet, damp, humid conditions.  In racing any thing that is slick, slippery, smooth can create real issues and dangers.

Road Atlanta Esses Painted by Advanced Pavement Marking

Painting race track curbs

With slip hazards caused by standard traffic paint FIA and FIM racing organizations push for a specialized “friction – high grip” coating known as “Circuit Paint”.  This paint has the durable wear characteristics of traffic paint, but is premixed with special grit -aggregate.  This unique coating is once dried becomes a high friction (non-slip) surface suitable for all weather racing.  This coating becomes such a crucial element to safety Formula 1 racing series mandates all tracks have this coating on every track in their racing circuit.  FIA, FIM among other racing organizations promotes for this “key” safety feature in Europe and is now heavily pushing USA tracks to follow suit.

If “Circuit Paint” is mixed with an aggregate/grit how does one apply this material?  Manufacturers of “Circuit Paint” state application can be performed with: brushes, rollers or spray apparatuses.  Let’s look into the pro’s – con’s of each type of race track painting methods:

Brushes: Pro – Almost anyone can use a paint brush, this allows a semi controlled application.

Con – Time consuming, Labor intensive, POOR “uniform” coverage, NOT realistic in the grand scheme of things (Race tracks cover 2+miles in length).

Rollers: PRO – Almost anyone can use a paint roller, this method also allows a semi controlled application.

CON – Time consuming, Labor intensive, POOR “uniform” coverage, NOT realistic, Creates pockets and pooling of friction additive, Poor paint application millage.

Sprayer:  Pro – Leaves a uniform clean, edge to edge coverage of coating from start to finish.  LONGER lasting project.  Faster more streamlined application approach, servicing large areas or length’s is not an issue.

CON – ONLY professionals or experienced technicians can operate this equipment.  NOT ALL SPRAYERS can be used!  Requires very specialized machines. AIRLESS UNITS CANNOT BE USED.

What does a race track do if they want to apply “Circuit Paint”?  The above breakdown for application is a overview of what it takes to install this unique coating.  For some race tracks they will attempt to apply materials “in-house”.  For others is makes sense financially and long term to have a experienced professional company apply this coating.

ADVANCED PAVEMENT MARKING  is one of the only race track marking companies based in the United States that is experienced, equipped and fully supported by “Circuit Paint” & application equipment manufacturers servicing all of the USA.

Advanced Pavement Marking race track painting services:

  • Professional courses
  • Private owned
  • Club owned
  • Kart track
  • Street course
  • Road course
  • Motorcycle tracks
  • Running tracks
  • Bicycle tracks
  • Velodromes

Throughout the entire United States.

 Advanced Pavement Marking installed “Circuit Paint” on Road Atlanta enter-exit curb aprons, starting grids, start/finish line, run off’s.  This race track painting was done just ahead of the MotoAmerica series event held at Road Atlanta.

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