We are a USPTO Registered Trademark!  When a company claims or advertises to be Advanced Pavement Marking ask them to prove it! Look for the ® symbol.  Advertising or claiming to be Advanced Pavement Marking is a violation of Federal law.  Learn why we invested into identifying/standing out protecting our professional brand.

Advanced Pavement Marking is granted a registered US TRADEMARK! After a 1-year process and US Patent/Trademark examination we cleared the necessary hurdles securing our name and brand rights to the highest level. In an industry filled with “gypsy contractors”, Advanced Pavement Marking stands out as an established professional business sought after and trusted by: cities, counties, airports and businesses of all sizes. Our future plans include expanding our service range and the possibility of developing a national network.

United States Of America Registered Trademark: Advanced Pavement Marking


Why did we invest in becoming a trademarked brand?

The pavement marking and parking lot striping trade has its share of true professionals you can trust and rely on.  But it also has those people and companies that are willing to compromise quality, safety and overall professionalism to make a quick buck.  Fact is for someone to enter the parking lot striping trade it is very cheap, easy and requires no background check, degree, training or even government oversight.  Parking lot striping has had it’s share of troubles by sex offender’s, con-men & women, Non reforming felon’s and anyone else with bad intentions entering into this trade.

Take a sex offender for example: Entering the Parking lot striping trade is cheap, easy and has no monitoring checks.  Yet these people work in and around areas that opens up potential risks.  Schools, shopping centers, malls, playgrounds etc. are places that typically requires parking lot striping and exposes areas that a sex offender can capitalize on.

When something bad does happen all people hear about is “Parking lot striper” does……..to victim.  By trade association this criminal with bad intentions puts a poor view and judgement on the real professionals who operate in the parking lot striping trade.

Next is those companies and individuals who are only focused on making a quick buck. Willing to cut corners, compromise quality and risks in safety is not the professionals the pavement marking or parking lot striping trade needs.  These companies – people are relatively easy to identify:  They have operated under several different business names,  carry no insurance or have bare bones policies, operate with P.O. BOXES, have no physical address, Magnetic business logos.

Advanced Pavement Marking was founded to be the best in the industry and standout as professionals people can trust and rely on.  Unfortunately we had encountered a few businesses that attempted to take credit for our work, used our website and Facebook texts word for word making it seem to others they were professionals.  We even encountered a criminal with a very bad background posing as Advanced Pavement Marking (using our photo’s, text etc.)

In order to standout as the professionals it meant taking the necessary steps and commitment in   Becoming a “brand”.  Becoming a registered trademark is not a easy accomplishment nor is it cheap.  We had cleared hurdles and the USPTO reviewed all of our works accomplishments that spans into other states/markets.  This hard work we invested in showed the examiners at the USPTO board that we were truly a committed company worthy of becoming a long lasting brand.

We do stand out in the pavement marking and parking lot striping trade, we have passed all background checks, we service projects that very few people – companies can due to our personal and professional conduct.  We take real pride in what we have built.

Advanced Pavement Marking - Trademark

We have heard there is still a few companies who make claim or try and operate as Advanced Pavement Marking but the fact is the USPTO examined all of the United States to ensure we could become the “ONLY” brand with the Advanced Pavement Marking name.  Those companies attempting to operate and mirror our image, using our name violates federal law.

We did not make it to where we are in the pavement marking, parking lot striping trade by taking short cuts or doing unethical practices.  Advanced Pavement marking was established by professionals you can trust!