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Striping seminar

National Pavement Expo Striping Seminar

Advanced Pavement Marking is a guest speaker for a striping seminar at the 2018 National Pavement Expo in Cleveland, Ohio. Our seminar was focused on assisting parking lot striping contractors who are seeking to expand their services into municipality, airport and racetrack markets. The National Pavement Expo brings together vendors and contractors who make a […]

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Pavement tools

National Pavement Expo

Join us in Cleveland, Ohio at the National Pavement Expo 2018. This year APM is a conference guest speaker for striping services. Our seminar: “How to expand your striping into 3 new markets“, will give you insight on how we service municipalities, airports and racetracks at the national level. The National Pavement Expo is a […]

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Racetrack markings

Racetrack Painting Contractor

We are the experienced racetrack painting contractor your facility needs.  APM services racetracks all across the USA, road courses, karting, autocross, velodromes and more.  Put our crews experience with track design, layout and in-depth FIA & FIM course and coating rules/regulations.  We offer various types of durable track coatings including: standard road grade, retro-reflective markings, […]

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Petit Le Man

Striping services

Since 2009 we have proudly put our passion and pride on the line in all types of pavement marking projects ranging from airports, race tracks, roads, warehouses, factories, parking lots, sports courts and more.  Our projects have spread from Michigan to servicing the entire nation!  While we are not the largest striping company we are […]

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Petit Le Mans 2017 Racetrack Painting

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Petit Le Mans. APM was contracted by Road Atlanta for specialty racetrack painting services for this big event.  The Petit Le Mans race is a 10hrs. endurance race covering approx. 1000 miles (390+ laps) on the 2.54 mile Road Atlanta course.  Our racetrack painting crew was rapidly […]

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Race track painting

Racetrack painting

Racetrack painting services spanning the USA. We have the experience, equipment and FIA -FIM approved materials your racetrack needs! Our crews head back to “Pitt Race” also known as Pittsburgh International Race Complex.  Crews will be working just ahead of the MotoAmerica race series.  Racetrack painting services installing a second application of 09NS “Circuit Paint”.  […]

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Velodrome markings

Velodrome Painting

Let our crews service and install all of your velodrome painting needs.  Servicing Indoor – outdoor race track painting services for concrete, asphalt, wood and more.  Installing velodrome markings requires a high level of skill, professional materials and equipment for a long lasting project.  APM was contracted by City of Kenosha, Wisconsin to install new […]

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Arrival to Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Pittsburgh International Race Complex

Pittsburgh International Race Complex contracted our race track marking services in spring of 2017. Our crews installed new race track markings to: curbs, edge lines, start-finish line. Pittsburgh International Race track is approx. 2.8 miles in length. APM installed 09NS “Circuit Paint” to all painted surfaces on this track. Our race track painting team quickly went […]

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Race track paintings by APM

Racetrack Painting Services

Our racetrack painting services includes: Start, finish lines, starting grids, curbs, track branding, barrier walls, pit lanes, emergency markings and more.  APM crews are experienced in applying a wide range of coatings and specialty paints including the FIA & FIM approved “circuit paint”.  We are one of very few USA based companies experienced and equipped […]

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Professional Pavement Marking Machines

Ours crews have some of the best professional pavement marking machines in the industry.  From airless, conventional to plural component machines.  We have become well known in the industry for installing some of the finest quality work and longest lasting.  Clients along with industry competitors always comment how well our pavement markings look and how durable […]

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