Parking lot striping Contractor since 2009.  Servicing projects of all sizes throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Safety hazards, positive first impressions, organization, smooth traffic flow and ADA accessibility.  Parking lot striping has more meaning than just curb appeal and color!

APM offers a wide range of parking lot services including: Design, layout, installation and re-striping.  From small parking lots to large scale malls and city wide projects our team has the experience, equipment and materials to service projects of all sizes.

Paint: Using the same durable and proven paints that we install on highways and roads all across the nation.  This high quality parking lot striping paint & other DOT coatings offers unmatched performance and durability other coatings simply cannot achieve.

Equipment: APM parking lot painting machines is not at the same level as a typical parking lot striper, there is a reason for this.  As a business  servicing large scale projects that require heavy duty production and application standards that meet INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS, means our equipment must produce “QUALITY”.  APM machines are purpose built or selected for professional results and performance.

APM’s extensive portfolio and clientele speak volumes of our experience, quality and project durability.  APM crews are true craftsmen and women who are passionate about their work.  Cities, Counties, Airports, Federal Government including the USA Military and more hire us for pavement marking and line striping services.  Compare us to the competition and you will learn:

We are the difference you can see, with the quality and durability you can trust!

Since 2009 Advanced Pavement Marking has been providing outstanding parking lot striping along with airport, road, race track marking services all across the country.  We are the marking professionals your project deserves!

Proudly putting our work on the line for your safety, since 2009