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Parking Lot Striping
Our pavement marking projects not only look better but tend to last longer

Parking Lot Striping

Advanced Pavement Marking parking lot striping since 2009.  From painting airports, roads, race tracks to parking lot striping we are the Professionals!

Potential safety hazards to poor first impressions, even wasted space; parking lot striping has more meaning than just curb appeal and color! At APM, we take parking lot striping to a whole new level! Incorporating the same equipment, materials and strict quality control standards we are known for in our airport and road projects. We Put that experience and same high quality materials to work in all of our parking lot painting projects.

Parking lot markings have a very specific purpose and when a contractor is selected for installing or re-striping that company must have the experience and understanding as to what a professionally striped parking lot really means to visitors along with the contracting companies image. The professionals at APM takes parking lot marking to a higher level of standards. We have a deep understanding on how our work can have a ripple effect on day to day business. Dull markings, missing markings or poorly measured spaces creates real issues for visiting clients.

APM has a wide range of parking lot services experience. Our project portfolio ranges from small lots to large scale malls and city wide projects.

Inside Striping 
Parking lot painting has several layers that all must be done correctly in order for it to be useful. From proper vehicle spacing to identifying designated safety zones there are several reasons to have us involved in your project. Our highly trained crews will ensure not only a great looking job but also one that will have a longer service life.

Parking lot services begins with a site review, this is where our professional team analyzes the sites specific needs along with addressing potential items that maybe future risks. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in blue prints and site plans along with an understanding on parking design and traffic flow.

Parking lot painting (before) Parking lot striping our crews installed

Site layout
We start by properly squaring the service area, this is a very important first step in getting a professional end result. Parking stalls consistently measured, ADA zones with proper dimension and all specialty markings/zones lined out. Once the lot is squared and all areas are marked and identified our team reviews this layout one last time and proceeds to the next step paint prep.

Paint:  Did you know our products are NOT the same materials traditional parking lot contractors use!?  Our materials are in fact considered the finest in the industry!  APM paints and materials either meet DOT certification requirements, test standards or FAA and other engineer specifications.  These products also known as “pre-qualified” materials are produced and purchased as special order and in large batch quantities.  Our materials are the same long lasting products used on highways and airports.  Even our parking lot striping paint is considered “the best of the best!”

Equipment: Our machines of choice is not at the same level as a typical parking lot painter and there is a reason for that.  We service large scale projects that require heavy duty production, and application standards that MUST MEET INSPECTION STANDARDS.  Advanced Pavement Marking® services airports, roads, race tracks etc. and applies those same set of application requirements and standards into all of our projects.  Our machines are purpose built or selected for professional results.  From having larger pumps, paint output tips and more on look at our equipment and immediately clients understand why we are the professionals cities, counties, airports and more hire our services.  APM invests heavily into the best PROVEN machines and materials, we do not cut corners period.

Why hire us for your parking lot project?
Our portfolio and clientele speaks volumes of our experience, quality and project durability. APM crews are passionate with their work & our materials and equipment are made for professional results! Compare us and you will learn that; WE ARE a difference you can see with the quality and durability you can trust!

Since 2009 Advanced Pavement Marking has been parking lot striping and painting airports, roads, race tracks, warehouses and more.  We are the Professionals!