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Our Pavement Marking History

In 2008 our pavement marking history begins. Starting out in Michigan striping parking lots then rapidly expanding into pavement marking services for: airports, municipalities, racetracks and warehouses across the nation.

It all begins with an idea and is fueled by a strong desire for success.  APM founder Don Sokolow worked in the landscape architectural design and construction field on the international level.  With extensive experience and knowledge in design, engineering, heavy equipment operations and project management, Don’s skill set and attention to detail will prove to be a valuable asset and key foundation building blocks in advancing his business ahead of the competition.

While working overseas Don’s father unfortunately passed away the slumping world economy turns into “The Great Recession”.  These life changing events prompted the entrepreneurial drive in Don to dramatically change his business career and focus on staying closer to his wife and two children.  A new career change meant seeking a business that provides stability in even the worst of economic slumps, is in high demand and offers  flexibility with potentially more family time.

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Working on international projects is a great way to develop valuable new skillsets, expand knowledge, experience cultural diversity.

PAVEMENT MARKING is the selected business direction for Don.  With the importance and need for public safety, general organization, visual aids and guides on roads, airports and parking lots, pavement marking services is a absolute necessity in our fast paced modern lives.  Entering this new venture requires team work and dedication, long time friend Jeff Swendrowski joins in on taking this business idea into a successful working model.

Don Sokolow and Jeff Swendrowski making pavement marking history

Jeff Swendrowski and Don Sokolow

Jeff Swendrowski shares a background in design, engineering, construction and project management along with his own unique talents and experiences.  Together Jeff and Don roll out Advanced Pavement Marking as a functioning business in 2009: State of Michigan registered LLC, Fully insured including Workman’s Comp coverage.  Both Jeff and Don’s detail oriented backgrounds proves to be valuable to the APM pavement marking history and concept placing a new level of quality and standards into the pavement marking, line striping trade.  This quickly excels APM from a parking lot striping business into a national full service pavement marking company.  Servicing all types of projects including: Airports, Municipalities, Racetracks, Warehouses, Factories, Parking Lots, Military Projects, Sports Courts and more.

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Jeff and Don are involved in all areas of Advanced Pavement Marking®.    Outside of business both Don and Jeff enjoy everything FAST!  Past ventures for Don and Jeff includes boat racing in the APBA, Super Light Tunnel hull series.  Running the national racing circuit as Perfect 10 Racing Team, they have achieved not only first place finishes, but also past national champions winning what has been called the “World’s Toughest Outboard Race” THE TOP O’ MICHIGAN RACE in the SLT Bandit class.

Our growth and success has caught the attention from various industry insiders and even trade related magazines.  Articles have been written about our projects along with spot lights on our various business achievements.  Our name is recognized in the industry all across the country.  This leads to our USPTO approval for a registered trademark!  Our business is a protected brand making its own pavement marking history success!

Pavement Marking Seminar

2018 National Pavement Expo striping seminar

Advanced Pavement Markings expansion and growth has had countless inquiries from parking lot stripers, line markers and others in the asphalt industry asking: “How did we do it?”, “How can my business, grow like APM’s?”  Our achievements and success did not come easy! With plenty of setbacks and failures comes valuable experience and knowledge.  In 2016  The National Pavement Expo and Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine approached APM’s managing member Don Sokolow about becoming a seminar speaker at the 2017 National Pavement Expo in Cleveland, Ohio.  Don’s seminar “How to expand your striping business into 3 new markets” provides insight and first hand knowledge to eager parking lot stripers looking to take their business into a similar direction and success as the  Advanced Pavement Marking model has.  The seminar was such a hit that Don Sokolow is once again asked to be a guest speaker for the 2019 National Pavement Expo in Nashville, Tennessee.  Our pavement marking history both failures and success is shared to those in the pavement marking, line striping trade.

Don Sokolow making APM pavement marking history

2018 National Pavement Expo

Don A. Sokolow making pavement marking history

Guest Speaker Don Sokolow

Don Sokolow

National Pavement Expo final night


Pavement markings is more than just color and curb appeal!

Advanced Pavement Marking® was established with a strong foundation and philosophy of being the “best of the best”, no corners cut or sub-standard practices allowed!  We quickly learned the parking lot striping trade was more of a “free for all, wild west” industry, lacking professionals who were dedicated to quality, accountability and customer service.  The importance of pavement markings in our modern lives is crucial and key too everyone’s general safety, visual awareness, organization etc..  When other striping companies are willing to cut corners or do sub-standard work, they are choosing quick money over other peoples safety.  Developing APM both Jeff and Don spent countless hours researching, documenting and learning all aspects of the pavement industry.  Our primary focus was the line painting-striping trade, and how we could service this market better.  Our companies pavement marking history is constantly being made and recorded on each and every project we service.

Our commitment is to YOU, your family, your neighbor’s, your community and beyond!  Our service is for YOUR SAFETY, we don’t compromise, neither should you.  When the pavement markings matter, contract us 1-877-489-0530.

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Airports, roads, racetracks, parking lots and more. We are the experienced pavement marking professionals you can trust!