Pavement Marking Videos

Since 2009 Advanced Pavement Marking has proudly put it’s work on the line for your safety,  We have also created various pavement marking videos of our projects.


Pavement marking video of our traffic marking crew servicing city stop bars

Our traffic marking crews service and install 1000’s and 1000’s of traffic symbols, messages and markings every year for cities, counties and other municipalities.

Pavement marking video of our race track painting being put to use

Did you know we are one of the ONLY pavement marking companies based in the USA experienced & equipped to install FIA & FIM approved race paint!? “YES” we are the professionals race tracks throughout the United States choose when there track requires traction paints!

Shipping dock installation by APM crew member

Our equipment is different than a tradition parking lot striping company. All of our machines are purpose built servicing various projects requiring specialized materials, coatings and thicknesses. This portable machine is installing “high mil.” paint & retro-reflective materials for a shipping center.  View all of our various pavement marking videos and see some of our crews and equipment in action.

APM crew member painting the Road Atlanta race track curb apex edges,  She is installing the specialized 09NS “circuit paint”.

Did you know airless paint machines cannot apply 09NS paint.  Due to the abrasive aggregate airless machines are unable to pump or spray this material.  Specially modified conventional machines must be used for professional results.

Vintage Ferrari putting our work to the test

You see pictures of our work now see it in action with a vintage Ferrari track testing after our crews painted track.  View our other pavement marking videos from airports, race tracks to traffic markings we are building an extensive collection!

Traffic arrow installation

Traffic marking crew members installing DOT turn arrow.

 Airport marking project our crew installed

We service all types of airport projects including: Private, Regional, International, Military & Heliports. Video shows our completed runway work (Numbers, centerline and marker points)

Race track painting

We have the experience and equipment to service race tracks of all types and sizes. We can even spray the specialized high friction/traction paints approved by FIA & FIM racing organizations.

Race track site visit (Before)

Driving the Road Atlanta race track “before” our crews went to work painting.

Did you know we install high friction/grip paints? These paints are approved by FIM & FIA for race track markings. We have the experience, equipment and approved materials for all your race track marking needs!

Driving the Road Atlanta race track (AFTER) our crews painted track

Ride along with us as we tour the freshly painted race track.

Crosswalk painting

One of our mid-line crews working at night servicing crosswalks and bike paths. Paint and retro-reflective media is injected using high pressure injection.

Pavement marking “removal project”

When pavement markings need to be changed or removed we have the equipment to rapidly “erase” without damage.  Take time to view all of our pavement marking videos and get a behind the scenes look into some of our projects.

Traffic Marking installation

APM Traffic marking crew installing turn lane arrow. Pressure paint & retro-reflective media guns being used.

City crosswalk installation

Another pavement marking video showing one of our mid-line crews servicing city crosswalks.