Airport Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking installs and services all types of airport markings meeting FAA standards and inspections.  Serving all of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana.  Our skilled crews are experienced with: Runway closure procedures, servicing Runway numbers, runway center lines, T’s, hangars, taxi lines, threshold markings , runway hold markings, runway edge lines, Helicopter pads, compass rose, safety zones, fuel depots, staff/personnel areas, delivery zones, baggage zones, tug markings, jet paddock areas, arm/dis-arm zones, classified area services and more.   Advanced Pavement Marking has experience with private, regional, international, medical centers, police and military airport markings you can count on our crew to get the job done right!

airport markings projectsRunway marking by Advanced Pavement Marking

Advanced Pavement Marking airport marking equipment                                             Airless units:  Our airless machines are capable of making single pass applications from 2″ to 48″.  With several paint tip options matched to selected coating(s), our tip ranges can allow thin millage applications up to single pass 30+Mills. for high build coatings.  Our airless pavement marking machines are equipped with pressurized retro-reflective guns, giving outstanding bead – paint integration and embedding.  Pressure bead injection ensures edge to edge coverage, eliminates dead zones and shadowing, stronger bonds and better light refraction.  Our airless pavement marking machines are not the parking lot striping units some contractors attempt to use.  Advanced Pavement Marking machines are larger volume pumps, lines and fluid tips.  Standard airless machines cannot meet our machines in volume – output – line quality.

Conventional Units: Advanced Pavement Marking conventional (air compressor) machines are the heavy duty workhorses.  With multiple gun configurations our pavement marking machines can single pass paint line widths from 2″ to 48″+.  Compressed machines allow fine tuning of fluid output and also has the ability to apply extremely thick coatings and even abrasive mixtures without clogging.  Our conventional machines also feature onboard agitators keeping materials constantly mixed, resulting in longer lasting projects.  Advanced Pavement Marking airport marking machines all feature pressurized bead systems.

Hand and Truck Units:  Advanced Pavement Marking airport marking division also operates hand/truck units for painting large airport runway numbers, touchdown pads, compass roses, helicopter pads and more.  Truck units are equipped with hand paint guns and hand bead guns. Crews are capable of smoothly painting large areas and injecting retro-reflective from start to finish – without dead zones or distracting patterns that is common with hand toss or gravity fed systems.  Our crews also carry various stencils on each truck.

Helicopter landing pad by Advanced Pavement Marking

Helicopter marking by Advanced Pavement Marking

Our airport markings division is capable of servicing: Private, Regional, International, Medical, Military projects.

Advanced Pavement Marking runway painting

Airport markings by Advanced Pavement MarkingAirport painting by Advanced Pavement Marking