We install and service crosswalk, stop bar markings  for Cities, Municipalities, Counties, private and commercial business’s all over Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois. From standard crossings, School zones, pedestrian bars to bike lanes and more! Our service is truly for your safety.

Crosswalks by Advanced Pavement MarkingCity crosswalks by Advanced Pavement Marking

Advanced Pavement Marking services and installs all types of crosswalks including

  • 4 inch parallel lines
  • 6 inch parallel lines
  • 12 inch parallel lines
  • 12 inch continental boxes
  • 24 inch continental boxes
  • 6 inch crosshatch walkways
  • 12 inch crosshatch walkways

When Advanced Pavement Marking services and installs crosswalk, stop bar markings they are installed to DOT standards and are injected with retro-reflective media, for low light – night time reflective feedback.  This ensures our markings are the most visible, increasing general safety and awareness.

Crosswalk painting by Advanced Pavement MarkingCrosswalk, stop bar installation by Advanced Pavement Marking

Advanced Pavement Marking does not hand toss or bead drop our retro-reflective media.  This method is very unprofessional and causes poor low light/night time feed back, creating unsafe crosswalk, stop bar markings.  Advanced Pavement Marking crews pressure inject all of our retro-reflective projects creating bright crosswalks and stop bars that have unmatched light feed back.  Our markings are installed so well we even have projects 3-4 years old that have higher light feed back readings than other pavement marking – parking lot striping companies do on their freshly installed work!

Stop bar painting by Advanced Pavement Marking                       Crosswalk, stop bar markings by Advanced Pavement Marking

Did you know we install so many stop bars every year that it is equivalent of 100’s and 100’s of miles!  Our crews install standard 12″ bars to 24″ stop bars.  We have stencil trucks and multi spray gun ride on’s that effortlessly apply 12-24″ lines in a single pass.

Did you know parking lot striping machines can take up to 4 passes to cover 24″ stop bars.  This causes overlap seams, poor bead coverage, premature wear.  Parking lot machines that attempt single pass 12″ & 24″ passes almost always FAIL inspection due to poor paint millage, bead coverage.  Advanced Pavement Marking machines were purpose built for heavy DOT production and quality output.


Our equipment is very different from traditional parking lot striping machines.

We service countless crosswalk, stop bar markings

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Villages
  • Townships
  • Charter Townships
  • State
  • Federal
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Malls
  • Theme Parks