Factory Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking factory markings professionals since 2009.  Servicing all types of safety zones, shipping lanes, pedestrian zones, shipping/receiving zones, fire lanes, OSHA compliance markings and more.  Let our professional crews service or install durable factory markings that can be counted on around the clock.

When it comes to active factory floors selecting the right marking material is actually second on the list. First is the approach and techniques in prepping the surface to ensure coatings will have maximum adhesion to withstand a harsh environment. From etching to shot blasting our crews will analyze your factory floors surface and select the necessary steps and products for creating durable factory markings.

Factory Marking by Advanced Pavement MarkingFactory marking by Advanced Pavement Marking

Skipping proper preparation results in limited service life of factory markings and can result in total failure, wasting time and money.  Advanced Pavement Marking has the experience, equipment and materials to ensure your project not only looks it’s best but also has the durability and longevity to last.