Helicopter Landing Pad

Advanced Pavement Marking services all types of helicopter landing pad markings for: Hospitals, Airports, Private, Law Enforcement, Military, Coast Guard and more.   Our professional crews have the experience, equipment and materials required to install and service all types of helicopter landing pads.

Helicopter landing pad (before) Advanced Pavement Marking
Advanced Pavement Marking donated labor and materials to North Ottawa Community Hospitals emergency helicopter landing zone.

Advanced Pavement Marking has the experienced crews who know the required procedures for airfield shut down, area protection/closure, NOTAMS, FOD inspections, project log/documentation along with FAA and other inspection requirements.  Our equipment is specially built and tailored to meet all requirements for airport and helicopter landing pad requirements.  Advanced Pavement Marking only uses FAA or other pre-approved/qualified paints and retro-reflective materials.

Helicopter landing pad by Advanced Pavement Marking
North Ottawa Community Hospital helicopter landing pad (After) our crews painted landing zone.  Advanced Pavement Marking installs and services all types of helicopter landing pads

Professionally servicing helicopter landing pads, zones & markings requires more than just paint, striping machine, brushes and rollers.

Visibility is crucial for helicopter landing zones.  Pilots MUST HAVE: clear field of vision, rotor blade clearance, pre-marked areas identifying “safe zone”.  Poorly installed or dull markings put pilots, passengers, pedestrians and surrounding buildings, cars at risk for damage, injury or worse loss of life.

Helicopter landing pad markings are placed in an area that is clear of overhead wires/power lines, trees, automobiles, pedestrian zones and buildings.

Having a miss-marked or placed helicopter landing zone is a huge risk to lives and property.

The helicopter landing pad specialists at Advanced Pavement Marking has what it takes to ensure your landing zones are properly placed and marked, also meeting the FAA requirements.

Helicopter landing pad by Advanced Pavement Marking
Advanced Pavement Marking installed hospital emergency helicopter landing pad

When it comes to peoples safety Advanced Pavement Marking is the company you can count on and trust!  Advanced Pavement Marking crews take real pride in all of their work, ensuring the markings we install meet state(s) DOT, Federal FAA, US Military and other required requirements.  A recent project our crews serviced was for North Ottawa Community Hospital.  The hospitals emergency helicopter landing pad was in serious need or re-painting.  Advanced Pavement Marking stepped up to the task and donated all labor and materials to bring this landing zone back to life.  Installing FAA approved paints and retro-reflective materials our crew put there pride and passion onto the pavement for everyone’s safety.

Helicopter landing zone by Advanced Pavement Marking
Advanced Pavement Marking airport marking crew

Advanced Pavement Marking landing padIf your helicopter landing pad needs to be installed or serviced call the professionals at Advanced Pavement Marking 1-877-489-0530.  Put our experience to work in your project.

“Proudly putting our work on the line for your safety, since 2009!”


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