Parking lot marking professionals since 2009 Advanced Pavement Marking services parking lot projects big or small, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and beyond.

Why maintain or be concerned about your parking lot’s appearance and condition? Potential LOST SALES! When a visitor becomes stressed or irritated by a negative experience they just encountered in your parking lot, they may be inclined to end their visit prematurely or in some situations the level of concern is enough to skip the visit entirely.

Items that can turn away customers: Faded or missing markings, No ADA parking or it’s not properly spaced for someone to exit there vehicle, Pot holes, Poor traffic flow. Some businesses are willing to spend more on their lawn and landscape maintenance then addressing parking lot and road care. While Flowers and a green lawn look’s nice, door dings and fender benders don’t. The professionals at Advanced Pavement Marking will ensure your business’s parking lot and roads projects are comforting and have a inviting feeling to visitors.

Parking lot marking, parking lot painting, pavement marking etc. does more than just add color and curb appeal to a business.  A professionally installed and maintained parking lot striping project keeps entering – exiting vehicles smoothly flowing, parked cars organized, pedestrians safely guided, ADA and other specialty parking zones identified, Fire lanes and other emergency zones clearly marked and identified,  No parking zones etc.

The professional crews at Advanced Pavement Marking service and install parking lot marking – parking lot painting projects to the highest level of standards in the pavement marking industry.  We use the “best of the best” in paints, NOT low grade “off the shelf” materials other parking lot striping use.  Our materials are produced by the leading traffic marking paint suppliers (Ennis-Flint, Sherwin Williams) in large specialty batch orders.  These batch orders ARE NOT the same materials stocked and carried by DIY or paint supply stores.  Our paint orders are materials called “pre-qualified” products.

How is this different than traditional parking lot striping paint?  Pre-Q materials are tested, certified and meet various state DOT – highway requirements for (Color retention, wear, durability, weather fluctuation/stability tests).  Standard traffic paint maybe fine for some parking lot striping companies, but for Advanced Pavement Marking we strive to be the absolute best.  With projects ranging from: airports, roads, warehouses, factories, parking lots, race tracks and more we have the experience and professional materials to do the job right!  Did you know we have parking lot striping projects lasting 5+ years!