Advanced Pavement Marking is experienced in road markings meeting DOT standards and inspections. From center line, edge line, turn lane road markings and more.  Our professional crews will install all your city, county, shopping center, mall road markings to the highest level of standards. From proper paint thickness to reflective media size and application rates our road markings look better and tend to last longer.  Road markings are trusted and relied upon around the clock in all weather extremes.  It is crucial in having a professional install durable long lasting road marking that drivers can count on.  Some companies use standard parking lot machines that are poorly equipped or used outside of it’s intended application, this results in sub-standard work and poorly installed road marking.  Poorly installed marking will rapidly wear, exhibit low to no retro-reflective feed back, paint thickness irregularities, line width irregularities’, long term color retention issues, incorrect marking dimensions.

After Advanced Pavement Marking crews installed city road marking.


Advanced Pavement Marking services all types of road markings

  • Center lines (Double yellow)
  • Center lines (Skip-check)
  • Turn lanes
  • Edge lines
  • Fog lines
  • Lane delineation
  • Traffic islands
  • Chevrons
  • Crosshatch

Advanced Pavement Marking offers a wide variety of road marking materials including: thermoplastics, tapes, waterborne, solvents, epoxies, MMA.  From standard 15mil. paint thickness to 30+high build paints our machines and materials will give your road marking project the professional results, long term durability and around the clock reliability it deserves in all weather extremes.  “Proudly putting our work on the line for your safety since 2009”.


Road marking (Before)                                     Road marking (After)

Advanced Pavement Marking services road markings for : Cities, Counties, Villages, Charter Townships, Townships, Malls, Shopping center’s, Private roads, Subdivision and apartment communities all across Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

Road marking by Advanced Pavement Marking.

Each year our road markings crews install 1000’s of miles of road marking, put our professional experience, crews, materials to work in your next road marking project!


Roundabout markings by Advanced Pavement Marking