Garage Mahal Floor Painting Project

Looking for a custom garage floor?  We can make your Garage Mahal project into a functional work of art!  From design to installation we do it all!  Most people associate safety markings as only being used in factories or warehouses.  Safety markings can  also be used for aesthetics while also providing visual guides and safety aids when properly designed and installed in garage floor applications. From straight forward epoxy floor coverings to elaborate or auto/motorcycle brand specific designs we can install them all!
 Garage floor before paintingGarage mahal during painting

Our recent garage floor application was for a new Chevrolet Camaro 2SS that was added to our vehicle fleet.

The existing floor was dull and stained and in much need of a face lift, we also needed the Camaro to be safely guided in and parked to avoid any damage and allow easy access in and around car.  We went to work in designing a unique “race” oriented design and layout.   Our marking crew prepped floor surface and followed that up with 3 pre-primer applications to ensure strong coating bond.

Once pre-primer was cured 2 coats of white primer was installed.  Soon after cure, color coatings were applied.

Color coating will require minimum 2 applications before a clear seal coat can be applied.  This method of flooring system is extremely durable but also very serviceable in the event repairs or even color change/style might happen.

Custom garage mahal floor painting

Once primer colors were cured and due to our Michigan weather calling for snow, we had to cut the project short and shelf our final coating and clear coat application.  Parking  the car into this new garage mahal is a absolute treat!

View from Camaro ss backup camera

Backing the Camaro into the Garage Mahal, was a breeze.  The design took the Chevrolet Camaro dimensions and accounted for the limited rear view vision the car has. We created a back-up camera “friendly” visual aid/guide.  Drivers can comfortably center car according to floor layout, back car into place while being able to see the exact location to stop vehicle.  Our garage mahal incorporated key racing elements along with installing a NON-SLIP surface important to garage floors.

Custom garage floor by Advanced Pavement Marking Garage Mahal floor installed by Advanced Pavement Marking

Once the Michigan weather turns warmer crews will finish the floor coating and our new Camaro will have a proper “VIP” parking spot.

So does your garage need a face lift?  Does your Garage Mahal or car collection need a professional design that not only amplifies your auto/motorcycle collection but can also provide non-slip safety and visual guides.  Call 1-877-489-0530 We have all types of coatings and almost limitless design and color options!

Garage floor painting
Our garage mahal project is getting closer to completion. Almost time for clear coating.