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School Crosswalk Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking installs and services all types of School crosswalk markings from 6″ Side bars to 12″ crosswalk blocks to SCHOOL zone stencil markings. We have the materials and equipment to service all your crosswalk markings and school zone marking needs including injecting retro-reflective media into paints for increased visibility.

Advanced Pavement Marking services and installs 1000’s and 1000’s of traffic marking stencils and 1000’s of miles of crosswalk markings every year for cities, counties, schools.  Our crews are trained and experienced in installing pavement markings to various states DOT requirements.

Our equipment is not standard parking lot striping machines.  Advanced Pavement Marking equipment is purpose built for heavy production, reliability and high quality pavement markings that can pass state/county/local DOT inspection standards.  During peak season crews work various shifts day/night and our machines will operate around the clock with very little down time.  This type of work environment requires reliable machines that is able to withstand heavy production use and be capable of having professional output that will pass inspections.  Parking lot striping machines are not built for this type of environment,  Ask us we know!


Crews you can count on and trust!  Advanced Pavement Marking crews have all passed strict background checks, this includes sex offender and other criminal background checks.  Our crews even pass the extreme checks required for confidential, classified military projects.  Did you know most parking lot striping companies do not implement this level of important checks.  Working in and around school zones parents have the trust and confidence they deserve knowing our crews are the professionals that can be held accountable and trusted.  We have encountered some striping contractors who have operated in School zones, only to be found that they were actually in violation of their sex offender registry and parole rules.


Advanced Pavement Marking installs all types of School crosswalk markings and School zone markings for cities, counties, local, state and federal contracts.  Our markings work around the clock in all weather extremes.



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