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Road Painting Services

Center lines, edge lines, roundabouts, turn lanes and more our road painting services cities, counties, shopping centers, malls all across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Advanced Pavement Marking crews will install road markings meeting state DOT specific requirements.

Road painting servicesRoad markings

Road Painting Services include:

  • Center lines
  • Edge lines
  • Turn Lanes
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic dividers
  • Skip lines
  • New layout
  • And More

Advanced Pavement Marking uses DOT state specific “pre-qualified” pavement marking materials.  Our equipment professionally installs road markings meeting inspection requirements.  Since 2009 our crews has serviced cities, counties, shopping centers, malls, private and commercial roads and roundabouts.

Center line marking servicesDouble yellow center line painting

Road painting (Before)                                     Road painting (After)

Turn laneTurn lane traffic paintingRoad marking services

Advanced Pavement Marking (Turn Lane Project)

Servicing road and traffic marking projects is much different than parking lot striping and requires specialized equipment.  A typical “large” parking lot painting project might have a total of 20,000 lineal feet of 4″ line to install that is equivalent of almost 4 miles of line.  For some striping contractors this could take up to 8 hrs. to service.  This may seem like a lot for some parking lot stripers, other parking lot painters may feel confident thinking they are able/equipped to service an actual road marking project. Fact is a 1 mile stretch of road can have 30,000′ or more of  4″, 6″, 12″ and 24″ lines! Servicing road marking projects requires professional: experience, equipment and materials to successfully complete.  A parking lot is easily serviced by shutting down sections or waiting until store/business closes.  Servicing a road in much more difficult as most roads are open to traffic around the clock.  This requires road painting services to be done in a professional/safe manner allowing traffic to flow and work zones to be properly secured and protected.  Advanced Pavement Marking crews are trained and experienced with traffic lane closure/control procedures. We attempt to minimize traffic flow impact while maximizing work zone protections and materials cure times.

Road marking division Roundabout traffic marking

Roundabout project by Advanced Pavement Marking

Put our professional crews, equipment and materials to work in your road marking project.  Advanced Pavement Marking is a difference you can see with the quality and durability you can trust! www.advancedpavementmarking.com

Double yellow center line traffic markingsSkip check traffic markings

Double yellow center lines & white skip-check by Advanced Pavement Marking

Edge line traffic markingTraffic markings divisionFog line painting

Edge line by Advanced Pavement Marking

Traffic markings by Advanced Pavement Marking

Servicing: Cities, Counties, Townships and more since 2009







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