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Warehouse Markings

Advanced Pavement Marking has the experience and capability to apply a wide variety of paints, epoxy, stains, urethane, enamel for warehouse markings.

Warehouse before

Warehouse (Before)

Active warehouses require various techniques in prepping the surface to ensure coatings will have maximum adhesion to withstand these harsh environments. From acid etching, shot blasting and scarifying our crews analyze your warehouses’ environment and surface to select the necessary steps for creating durable long lasting warehouse markings.

Warehouse markings by Advanced Pavement Marking

(After) Advanced Pavement Marking warehouse markings installation

Advanced Pavement Marking has the experience and capability to apply all types of coatings, paints, epoxy, stains, enamels, urethane’s and more. Our crews will work on tight and flexible schedules to ensure minimal disruption and congestion to your facility.

Did you know warehouse environments require special preparation, paint and installation techniques in order for coatings to have long lasting durability in this harsh environment.  Traffic marking or Parking lot striping paint DOES NOT LAST and should not be used for warehouse markings.  Warehouse facilities day to day operations put warehouse markings under extreme punishment.  Fork lift traffic, dragging pallets, spinning tires, sand/dirt on floor & tires, floor cleaner brushes etc. all take a toll on warehouse markings.  The wrong paint/coatings will prematurely wear, chip, flake, turn color, and even absorb dirt.

Warehouse marking by Advanced Pavement Marking  Warehouse painting

Warehouse paintingSafety markings by Advanced Pavement MarkingMarking services

Advanced Pavement Marking has the experience and capability to apply a wide variety of paints, epoxy, stains, urethane, enamel for warehouse markings.  Every project has it’s own unique environment and warehouse coating requirements.  To successfully install long lasting markings our crews take the time to research your projects operations taking notes on temperatures,  traffic patterns, floor composition, available “cure” windows, project budget and more.


For warehouse markings to last just applying “the best of the best” in paints/coatings does not ensure a long service life.  Preparation is key in ensuring paints, coatings have maximum adhesion to service area.  Advanced Pavement Marking uses different techniques in preparation for markings.

Acid etching:  Crews will section off work zone and apply acid etch materials to clean concrete, opening concrete pores.  This method deeply penetrates floor giving more area/pockets for coatings to grip-bond to.  Acid etching also requires professional application steps in-order to neutralize PH.  If floor is not neutralized properly coatings WILL NOT BOND.

Scarify: This method is more suited for permanent warehouse markings.  Scarifying grinds below the floor surface in pre-set depth’s.  Some projects only require a thin milled profile other projects require deeper sub-surface removal.  Scarify-grinding allows thick coating applications, longer lasting markings for extreme environments due to coatings being applied deeper below surface.  Negative side of scarifying, floor grinding leaves groves and profile edges that can crack, chip as coatings wear.

Shot blasting: This method for warehouse markings prep is the most commonly used preparation technique.  Keeps service area confined, minimal damage to floor and creates voids, pockets for coating to grip-bond.  Shot blasting can also be used for marking removal.

 Safety markings  

Having the right type of floor preparation in key for durable long lasting markings.  Some companies will quickly sweep, wash or skip project preparation entirely this leads to rapid wear or complete warehouse markings failure!  Other companies will use traditional parking lot striping paints or general enamels, this will also lead to premature wear and marking failure.

 Indoor markings by Advanced Pavement Marking

Since 2009 Advanced Pavement Marking has professionally installed a wide variety of warehouse markings all over Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and more.  Our trained and experienced technicians have the professional equipment and materials to give your project durable,long lasting markings you can count on.


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