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Advanced Pavement Marking® Paints New Jersey Motorsports Park!

Advanced Pavement Marking paints New Jersey Motorsports Park.  Race track marking crew installed FIM and FIA approved 09ns “circuit paint” on race track.  Our crew serviced starting grid, aprons, edge lines, pit lanes and boxes, custom track logo, finish line, service and entry roads.

New Jersey Motorsports Park 

New Jersey Motorsports Park is located in Millville, New Jersey.  This 500 acre race track/entertainment park features: 2 road course race tracks (Thunderbolt & Lightning) and Tempest Kart racing track and also paint ball sporting area.  Thunderbolt raceway is 2.25 miles in length and offers a few variations on course layout.  Lightning raceway is a 1.9 mile road course.

New Jersey Motorsports park is one of the featured stops on the MotoAmerica superbike racing circuit.

Racing requires extreme talent and skills and a little bit of luck.  Aside from having the right equipment and machines for competing.  Racing also requires other features most people are unaware of: Safety barricades, runoff zones, enter/exit aprons, track edge lines, island – barrier delineation, pit lanes, pit boxes, timing zones, starting grids, helicopter – medical zones, safety zones are among the few places on a race track that requires specialty pavement marking services to ensure these safety features function properly.

Going for the “WIN” requires talent, equipment, luck and TRACTION, that’s where Advanced Pavement Marking race track marking services comes into play!

We have the experience, equipment and FIA and FIM approved materials necessary for putting the much needed visual guides required for racing and the safety/traction required for participants to rely on for their successful racing experience.

New Jersey Motorsports Park contracted our race track marking services to paint there entire race track with the 09ns “circuit” paint.  Our crew installed this specialized high friction paint to all aprons, edge lines, runoffs, island dividers, pit lanes, pit boxes, safety zones, starting grids, track logo, start/finish line.  This project was very large in scale considering race track covers 2.25 miles in length and every inch and corner features some type of pavement marking.  Circuit paint is very similar to standard traffic paint but unlike the slippery traffic paint, circuit paint features a pre-mixed additive that provides extreme grip-traction.  In all conditions circuit paint is a outstanding added feature that racing participants can enjoy.  In wet/damp/humid conditions that’s where circuit paint really stands out and racers can rely on it’s NON SLIP properties. Traditional traffic paint fills voids, gaps and lays flat on surface creating a very slippery surface, this is amplified in wet/damp/humid conditions!  NOT circuit paint, with it’s unique additive and having a professional installation from Advanced Pavement Marking you and your racing participants can have less stresses of slip hazards in all conditions!


Advanced Pavement Marking has very specialized equipment built specific for race track marking projects.  Our machines have on-board agitators, mixers, paint recycle, larger output lines, guns, fluid nozzles and compressors required to ensure a professionally installed product.  Standard paint machines and airless machines CANNOT install 09ns Circuit Paint!!!  Due to the paint non-slip additive and viscosity standard machines and airless units will rapidly self destruct!  Advanced Pavement Marking has invested into building the specific equipment capable of applying this unique material.  Our crews and equipment will ensure traction material and paint are properly mixed creating a edge to edge paint/traction coverage from start to finish. NO DEAD zones or traction pockets that are commonly occurs with hand brushing or using rollers.  Our machines also applies the proper paint millage that is crucial with ensuring long durability and reliability, this is something hand rollers and brushes CANNOT due.

Advanced Pavement Marking crews has the experience with installing race track markings that meets FIM and FIA standards along with being fully supported by our equipment and circuit paint manufacturers.  This ensures our race track marking projects are unmatched in service and reliability!  Very few companies have the full support, experience or capabilities that Advanced Pavement Marking has.  Give your track not only the CURB APPEAL but also the TRACTION it deserves, contact the professionals at Advanced Pavement Marking  1-877-489-0530.  Servicing race tracks COAST to COAST!

Watch a vintage Ferrari testing on our newly painted track: youtube.com

Few videos found on YOUTUBE of racers using and abusing our markings after we painted the race track: Track Night , Take a 140MPH ride around the course


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