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Racetrack painting

Racetrack painting services spanning the USA. We have the experience, equipment and FIA -FIM approved materials your racetrack needs!

Our crews head back to “Pitt Race” also known as Pittsburgh International Race Complex.  Crews will be working just ahead of the MotoAmerica race series.  Racetrack painting services installing a second application of 09NS “Circuit Paint”.  This specialized coating increases track safety features by providing much needed grip and traction to all painted track surfaces.

Racetrack areas typically treated with 09NS include:

  • Starting Grids
  • Curbs
  • Edge Lines
  • Timing Lines
  • Run Off Areas
  • Divider Islands
  • Merge Lanes
  • Pit Lanes
  • Pit Boxes
  • Starting Lines
  • Finish Lines
  • Sponsorship Logos
  • Branding Logos
  • Safety Zones
  • And More

Using Circuit Paint in place of traditional traffic paint increases grip/traction in all weather extremes.  It is well known in racing that painted lines = slip or spin out hazards.  This becomes even more of a dangerous hazard when wet conditions or rain is present.   09NS Circuit Paint is infused with a traction aggregate giving painted surfaces outstanding grip characteristic’s.  Making painted surfaces more of a safety feature  than a hazard.

Racetrack painting services

Anyone can install standard traffic paint, it takes a experienced professional, properly equipped to install the specialized 09NS traction paint!  Due to the unique formulation and added grip-aggregate applying circuit paint requires specialized machines and application techniques.  We have the experience and equipment to do the job right!

APM services all types of tracks.

  • Road courses
  • Ovals
  • Motorcycle tracks
  • Kart tracks
  • Autocross tracks
  • Running tracks
  • Velodromes
  • Bicycle tracks
  • Test tracks
  • And more

Past race track projects our crews have serviced includes:

We even assist with material procurement for NOLA, COTA racetracks

Race track painterRace track markingsRacing velodrome

Put our experience to work in your racetrack painting project.

Race track paintings by APM

Road Atlanta race track painting by APM

Did you know we paint tracks throughout the United States.  APM is the approved 09NS contractor Drew Paints recommends to racetracks seeking painting services.

Increase your racetracks safety feature, give your racing participants increased traction and grip while also increasing your tracks overall aesthetics by having our crews install the FIA and FIM approved Circuit Paint.

Race Track painting services

Racetrack painting services

Racetrack painters





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