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Race Track Marking
We are one of very few companies in the USA capable of installing FIA, FIM approved paint

Racetrack Marking

Get your racetrack looking it’s best, while increasing track safety for racing participants.  The racetrack marking professionals at Advanced Pavement Marking offers a wide variety of coatings, including FIA and FIM approved 09NS “circuit paint” suitable for all types of race courses.

Our unique high friction, non-skid paints provides increased grip and traction in all weather conditions, unlike traditional slippery coatings that creates wheel slip and other skid hazards.  We provide professional race track painting services at the international level.

Race track marking services:

  • Starting grids
  • Start line
  • Track edge lines
  • Enter – exit curbs and aprons
  • Run offs
  • Pit entry – exit lanes
  • Pit boxes
  • Fuel – safety zones
  • Timing lines
  • Finish line
  • Custom logo’s
  • Sponsorship markings
  • Parking lot marking
  • Road marking
  • Helicopter pads
  • Medical – safety markings
  • Barrier and wall painting
  • And more

Race course paintingRacetrack painters

Track run offs, service lanes, walls, etc. are excellent places for custom markings or sponsorship logo’s to be installed.  Painting these areas of your course increases overall brand exposure, aesthetic appeal and increased advertising space.  APM offer’s custom markings, logos, colors and more giving your track and sponsors long lasting exposure well after a event or race.  These painted areas appear in photographs, videos, magazines, television, social media outlets, even satellite, drones and other passing aircraft see these painted areas, giving long lasting marketing exposure and brand awareness.

Race Track Painting

Traffic, parking lot, house paint and even epoxies cover and fill gaps, natural voids and textures found on both asphalt and concrete surfaces. Leaving a very dangerous smooth “slippery” finish.  Both experienced & amateur racers are well aware of the slip issues and hazards painted track markings pose.  In wet weather conditions, the dangers of spin outs and wheel slip is amplified when racetrack markings are painted with regular coatings.

Standard pavement marking or parking lot striping machines CANNOT apply “traction” coatings.

Don’t waste time or money!: Hand painting with a brush or a paint roller attempting to apply friction paints creates: poor friction material coverage, grouping of traction material and empty pockets where no traction materials can be found.  Hand applying any race track marking paints can take a tremendous amount of time, labor and unnecessary wasted materials.  Don’t waste valuable time and money improperly applying 09NS “circuit paint”  Let the experienced professionals at Advanced Pavement Marking® do the hard work!

Our race track marking division services and installs special event markings including:

  • Temporary markings
  • Custom logo markings
  • Finish lines
  • Winners circles
  • Sponsor markings
  • Custom graphics and more

When it comes to high friction/traction coatings; We are one of the very few pavement marking companies based in the USA with the experience and equipment capable of applying these specialized coatings.

Racetrack marking services include:

  • Starting grids
  • Edge lines
  • Turn aprons
  • Over runs
  • Pit lanes and boxes
  • Timing lines
  • Sponsor markings
  • Team logo’s
  • Finish lines
  • Emergency markings
  • Running tracks
  • Velodrome marking
  • Bicycle event marking
  • Running event marking

Are you looking to add more aesthetics and sponsorship exposure to your racetrack?  Let our skilled crews design and create colorful track branding and other visual advertising images or designs on your runoff zones, pit lanes, turn lanes, start/finish line.  With our endless color selection and layout options we can convert dull and boring areas into works of art!

Our racetrack marking crews can be rapidly dispatched anywhere in the United States and our insurance policies can be tailored to meet all of your needs.

Did you know we painted:  The historic Road Atlanta track just ahead of the world famous Petit Le Mans race and even traveled to Canada to paint CTMP for the Mobil 1 Canadian Sportscar Grand Prix!? 

We service various circuits for IMSA, MOTOAMERICA series